Is Alton Brown Dating After His Divorce? Find Out Now

After his divorce from DeAnna Brown in 2015, fans have been curious to know if Alton Brown is currently dating anyone. Despite rumors and speculations, Alton Brown has not made any public statements or posts on social media hinting at a romantic relationship.

Alton Brown has always been a private person when it comes to his personal life. He has previously mentioned that he prefers to keep his personal relationships away from the public eye, especially after his high-profile divorce from DeAnna Brown. While he has shared some glimpses of his dating life on his podcast, “The Alton Browncast,” he has not revealed any information about his current relationship status.

It remains unknown if Alton Brown is actively dating or if he is single at the moment. As he continues to work on his various projects and cookbook, it seems that he is primarily focused on his professional endeavors rather than his personal life. Nevertheless, fans of the Food Network star continue to speculate and wonder about his dating life.

Is Alton Brown Dating After his Divorce

Alton Brown is an American television personality, food show presenter, and author who gained mainstream fame for his hit cooking show “Good Eats.” In 2015, Alton announced his divorce from his wife of 21 years, DeAnna Brown.

The couple met in 1994 and tied the knot on September 29, 1995. They have a beautiful daughter named Zoey, who was born in 1999. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, their relationship ended in divorce in 2015.

Since the announcement of their separation, many fans have been curious to know if Alton Brown is dating after his divorce. In his usual manner, Alton has been very private about his personal life, and he has not made any public statements about his dating life after his divorce.

However, some reports have surfaced online, speculating that Alton might be in a relationship with Elizabeth Ingram. She is a production coordinator who worked on several of Alton’s shows, such as “Cutthroat Kitchen” and “Iron Chef America.” As of now, neither Alton nor Elizabeth has confirmed or denied these rumors.

Despite the media attention surrounding his personal life, Alton Brown remains focused on his career and his passion for food and cooking. He continues to host and produce new seasons of his shows, such as “Good Eats: The Return” and “Alton’s Homemade.”

In conclusion, while there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Alton Brown is dating after his divorce, rumors have surfaced about a potential relationship with Elizabeth Ingram. However, without any official confirmation from either party, it’s best to take these rumors with a grain of salt and respect Alton’s privacy.

QweAlton Brown’s Personal Life After Divorce

Alton Brown’s divorce from DeAnna Brown was finalized back in 2015 after a long separation. While their split was reportedly amicable, it’s natural for fans to wonder if the celebrity chef has since moved on with a new romantic partner.

Despite rumors circulating on social media, there is no clear evidence to suggest that Alton Brown is currently dating anyone after his divorce. The chef has kept his personal life private, rarely sharing details about his relationships or dating status in public.

In interviews and on social media, Alton Brown has instead focused on his work and creative projects, such as his popular cooking shows and culinary education initiatives. He regularly shares updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses into his professional life with his millions of followers across various social media platforms.

That isn’t to say that Alton Brown has completely sworn off romance or dating. He has expressed a desire to find love again in the future, but for now, it seems he is content to focus on his career and personal growth. Alton Brown has also been candid about the difficult moments he experienced after his separation from DeAnna and the lessons he learned about himself and his priorities in the aftermath.

In conclusion, while there is no concrete proof of Alton Brown dating anyone after his divorce, it’s clear that he has been keeping busy with his work and personal growth. Fans will undoubtedly continue to follow his career and personal updates with interest, and it’s possible that he may share more about his love life in the future.

Is Alton Brown Currently Dating?

Alton Brown, the famous celebrity chef, recently went through a rather public divorce from his ex-wife, DeAnna Brown. Since the divorce, there has been a lot of speculation regarding whether or not Alton is dating again.

Despite rumors circulating on social media, there is currently no evidence to suggest that Alton Brown is dating someone new. After his divorce was announced, Alton has generally kept a low profile, avoiding the spotlight and refraining from any social media activity that may spark more rumors about his personal life.

It seems that Alton is focusing on his professional career rather than his personal life at the moment. He is still actively working as a chef, author, and television personality, with several ongoing projects in the works. His fans eagerly await his upcoming cookbook, “EveryDayCook: This Time It’s Personal,” which is scheduled to be released later this year.

Alton seems to be taking time for himself to heal and move forward after his recent divorce. He has not made any public statements about his romantic life, so it is difficult to confirm or deny any rumors about him dating someone new.

In conclusion, while there have been rumors floating around on social media, there is currently no reliable evidence to suggest that Alton Brown is dating after his divorce. If he is, he is keeping it private and focusing on his career for the time being.


In conclusion, it appears that Alton Brown has not publicly announced that he is dating anyone after his divorce. Despite rumors and speculation, there has been no concrete evidence or confirmation from either Alton or his representatives.

It’s important to note that it’s possible that Alton is choosing to keep his dating life private, or he may simply not be interested in pursuing a new relationship at this time. Additionally, he is a public figure and may be cautious about sharing personal information in order to avoid unwanted attention.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to say definitively whether Alton Brown is currently dating or not. However, what’s clear is that he is continuing to build his impressive career in the culinary world and remains a beloved figure among his fans.

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