How Working Moms Can Bond With Their Newborns

Balancing work and motherhood can be challenging. One particular challenge can be connecting with your newborn when you don’t get to spend as much time together as you would like. The good news is there are several ways to deepen that precious bond, making the most of your quality time together.

Recording Special Moments

Your baby’s first weeks are filled with “firsts” that you’ll want to remember forever. Your own smartphone snapshots are valuable and great for sharing everything with all your friends and family. Photos and videos also ensure you don’t miss anything. However, by investing in a professional, such as Newborn Photographer San Diego based ABL Photography, they can capture so much more. From the beauty and innocence of these early days to providing you with high-quality images, a photographer can help build and capture the emotional bond you have with your newborn. These vivid photos will provide you with keepsakes that are as meaningful as they are beautiful.

Engaging in Play

Playtime is where bonds are built. For your little one, play is less about toys and more about interaction with you. Simple activities like peekaboo, gentle tickles and soft hums can light up your baby’s world.


These interactions aren’t just entertaining; they’re pivotal for your child’s emotional and cognitive growth, providing a foundation for a strong and loving relationship. Through each laugh and babble, you’re teaching your baby the power of communication and connection.

Creating a Bedtime Routine

As a working mom, bedtime routine can be a good time for bonding at the end of the day. Activities like a warm bath and quiet story time help signal the end of the day and provide a sense of security and comfort. This consistency is key in developing a nurturing bond and helps your baby understand that they are in a safe and loving environment, even as you balance the responsibilities of being a working mom. Adding a gentle lullaby can further enrich this nightly ritual, creating another heartfelt moment of connection each day.


For the active mom on the go, baby-wearing is a hands-free approach to maintaining closeness. Carriers and slings allow your newborn to stay snuggled against you, feeling your warmth and heartbeat.


This closeness is more than just practical; it promotes bonding through touch and helps your baby feel secure, mirroring the closeness they felt in the womb. Additionally, this practice supports your baby’s transition to the outside world, creating a sense of trust and attachment that is vital for their emotional development.

Combining a Few Ideas for a Close Connection

Including these practices in your daily routine can help strengthen the bond between you and your newborn, fostering a sense of love, security and attachment that is important for both of you. Remember, bonding with your baby is about the quality of interactions, not just the quantity. As a working mom, you can create a deep and lasting connection with your newborn that will support their development and enrich your experience of motherhood.

Brantley Jackson, dad and writer at 'Not in the Kitchen Anymore' is well-known in the parenting world. He writes about his experiences of raising children and provides advice to other fathers. His articles are widely praised for being real and relatable. As well as being an author, he is a full-time dad and loves spending time with his family. His devotion to his kids and love of writing drives him to motivate others.