Making extra money has never been easier than it is today. With modern technologies like generative artificial intelligence, tasks that were previously reserved for experts can be completed by anyone with basic knowledge. From virtual surveys, to music composition, affiliate marketing, remote tutoring, virtual art, and drop-shipping, there are many ways to make money in your extra time. What’s exciting is you only need a smartphone or laptop. Here are four ways to utilize your free time to make extra money:

Participate in Paid Surveys

Data is the most valuable commodity for businesses and while modern tools and AI-powered chatbots are capable of collecting various metrics, surveys are still cherished. Many companies pay people to provide personal insights and survey responses on a wide range of topics and questions. Taking part in online paid surveys offers an opportunity to make extra money during your free time.

Simply sign up with survey providers and branded researchers that offer real cash for completed surveys. You can also activate notifications to receive new surveys. Sign up with multiple companies and answer honestly to start making some money for your time and responses. You can also refer friends to make even more money when they sign up with the same platforms you use.

Make Art With Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI and machine learning have changed the world and affected nearly all industries. Tasks like creating blog posts and web content, writing video scripts, generating music instrumentals, images, videos, codes, and more no longer require tech-savvy people. Thanks to AI, all you need is a few prompts and edits to come up with spectacular art and products that you can sell online.


Many people are already using AI to create affiliate marketing website content, YouTube videos for paid channels, stock photos, and other products. You can leverage free online platforms that offer AI systems and tools to help you create quality images, videos, narratives, codes, and more. If you’re having trouble starting, use online tutorials to learn how to use the tools and sell your products.

Try Your Chances With Online Games

Playing online games is a popular pastime that is best kept as a form of entertainment. However, with a few strategies, you can make some money from time to time. In fact, you can leverage strategies to grow your bankroll by playing slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, dice, and other virtual games. In places like Germany, Canada, and the UK, these games are the delight of many players.

For instance, leading German online casinos feature welcome bonuses, free spins, and other opportunities to get started for free. You can also try the games and strategies for free using demo versions. Remember that real money games can result in wins and losses, so play responsibly. Set limits to avoid spending more than necessary and stick to legitimate sites and games you love.

Make Income Doing What You Love

Whether you like taking photographs, dancing, working out, trying out new products, or explaining how things work, you can turn these hobbies into income-generating activities. Simply get a camera or use your phone to record your hobby and share with others online. You can use social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, X, and Instagram to start building a following.


Once you have enough people interested in your content, monetize them to include ads and make extra income from doing what you love most. If your hobby involves a painting, playing musical instruments, cooking, knitting, or other crafts, you can use online platforms to market your products and fetch more money. Simply look into marketplaces that carter to your services and hobbies.

Key Takeaways About Making Extra Money

There are many ways to make money, especially online where marketplaces exist for nearly everything, from tutorials to data entry, virtual customer service assistance, transcription, and eBooks. You can also learn new skills more effortlessly, thanks to online videos and books. Simply identify what suits your free time and focus on learning how to provide products and services that people are willing to purchase or engage with.