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What is Saks OFF 5TH?

Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) and Insight Partners have recently announced a joint venture to create a standalone digital business that combines Saks OFF 5TH with HBC’s Gilt and Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH.

This new venture is meant to offer customers a greater selection of luxury fashion and beauty products at an even greater value.

In this article, we will discuss what this joint venture is and the potential implications it may have.

Overview of Saks OFF 5TH

Saks OFF 5TH is the premier destination for designer fashion at a discounted price. At Saks OFF 5TH, customers can find coveted designer pieces, clothing and accessories from top brands that have all been expertly curated according to trend and style. It’s the perfect place to shop for everything from everyday basics to special occasion dresses and accessories – all at an unbeatable price point.

Customers can also expect superior service when shopping Saks OFF 5TH in-store or online: experienced stylists on call, easy returns, helpful shipping options and more. Additionally, customers will find exclusive in-store and online deals, such as members-only sales events, Friends & Family discounts, rewards for store card holders, and holiday offers throughout the year. This makes it easy to grab a great deal on stylish pieces no matter what you’re looking for or when you want it. From trendy fashion staples to luxury statement pieces – Saks OFF 5TH has something for everyone!

History of Saks OFF 5TH

Saks OFF 5TH is a retailer offering discounted designer apparel, shoes and accessories.

The company was created by Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) and Insight Partners to establish a stand-alone digital business. The concept was launched in 1998, leveraging HBC’s existing retail structure in the US, Canada, and Germany.

Let’s dive a little deeper and learn more about the history of Saks OFF 5TH.

Saks OFF 5TH’s Evolution

Saks OFF 5TH is the discount off-price retail brand of the upscale luxury department store chain Saks Fifth Avenue, owned and operated by the iconic Canadian American conglomerate Hudson’s Bay Company. In 1988, Saks OFF 5TH evolved from two warehouse stores established by Saks Fifth Avenue during the mid-1980s in Philadelphia and Chevy Chase.

Initially branded as “Clearance Centers” for high-end designer fashion, accessories and home furnishings, the stores were quickly converted to warehouse stores when retail customers began eagerly flocking to their locations to snatch up quality designer pieces at greatly reduced prices. Then, in 1990, inspired by successful off-price retailers such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls, Saks Fifth Avenue changed their Clearance Center’s names to that of a distinct discount brand: “Saks Off 5th,” an ode to the New York City address of their flagship store — 611 Fifth Avenue.

While ​Saks OFF 5TH locations maintained similar themes in terms of how their merchandise was merchandised​ as full-line Saks Fifth Avenue stores—luxury brands arranged into lifestyle environments—the difference between shoppers’ experience with OFF 5TH locations was that it provided far more bargains than could be found at a traditional department store. This paid off big. The first twelve years following its founding ushered in an impressive number of expansions throughout the U.S., growing from its five original locations: two in New York City (Brooklyn & Woodbury Common), one each in Philadelphia & Chevy Chase, MD; and one near Chicago – Aurora–to now over 150 nationwide.

The success of Saks OFF 5TH can also be attributed to its emphasis on customer service — which includes making sure they provide an accurate interview process when hiring new store associates — together with continuously striving to remain intellectually invested in what trends are popular within any given season among both millennials and mainstream consumers alike so that they can accurately identify which items would stand up best from their existing inventory range or what merchandise would be better suited for replenishment purposes within any given supply chain challenge landscape.

Recent Acquisition by HBC and Insight Partners

It recently appeared that Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) and Insight Partners have come together to create Saks OFF 5TH, a standalone digital business owned by HBC and managed by Insight Partners. This move is designed to give Saks OFF 5TH the chance to become an independent digital business and fully capitalise on the growing demand for digital shopping.

Let’s discuss this more in-depth.

Details of the Acquisition

In November 2018, Hudson’s Bay Company completed the sale of its retail business, Saks OFF 5TH, to global investment firm Insight Partners. The sale includes Saks OFF 5TH stores in the United States and online banners – including at and . It also includes the HomeSense and Marshalls chains in Canada.

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The transaction’s purchase price is approximately CAD 600 million (equivalent to approximately USD 420 million). The exchange rate at closing of the transaction was 1.4032 to 1 USD/CAD exchange rate used in calculating the purchase price; it also represents a premium of approximately 13% over Saks OFF 5TH’s attributable net debt as of August 4, 2018.

Insight Partners will now be responsible for all facets of Saks OFF 5TH’s operations going forward, with a renewed focus on driving growth through store expansion, both domestically and internationally; providing exceptional customer service; expanding our e-commerce platform both domestically and internationally; creating a robust omnichannel experience; increasing brand loyalty and awareness of Saks OFF 5TH among customers; and improving operational efficiency throughout the company.

Benefits of the Acquisition

The acquisitions of Saks Fifth Avenue and OFF 5TH by luxury department store retailer and real estate investment trust, HBC, and venture capital firm Insight Partners have been lauded as strategic and beneficial moves to benefit the success of the companies. Here are some of the major benefits associated with these acquisitions.

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Cost Savings: By integrating their operations, both companies can take advantage of large cost savings related to stock replenishment, logistics, high-end advertising costs, product sourcing and design teams. This is expected to result in improvement in their profit margins over time.

Greater Market Reach: By combining forces they can gain a better foothold in the US market and access new markets internationally. In particular, through Saks OFF 5TH HBC will be able to target shoppers who look for discounted luxury items from top brands at great prices – a score for value seekers who also appreciate quality over quantity.

Product Expansion: With access to top international brands such as Gucci and Versace through Saks OFF 5TH, HBC’s product portfolio is expanded in scope and range. Going forward, it can provide its customers an even larger selection of designer clothing and accessories.

In addition HBC has also acquired exclusive digital rights for Gilt Groupe Inc., offering an unbeatable online presence for their customers in fashion e-commerce. Furthermore, this move has opened up new possibilities that would eventually involve Saks OFF 5TH merging with Lord & Taylor into one e-commerce platform!

HBC and Insight Partners to Establish Saks OFF 5TH Standalone Digital Business

Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) and Insight Partners have recently announced the establishment of Saks OFF 5TH as a standalone digital business. This move could have far-reaching implications for the future of the retail industry.

This article will discuss the potential impact this new independent digital business could have on the industry.

Goals of the Standalone Digital Business

Saks OFF 5TH’s Standalone Digital Business aims to become a leader in digital retailing. The business is the digital arm of Saks Fifth Avenue featuring the same designer brands found in its brick-and-mortar stores, which deliver worldwide. Saks OFF 5TH’s Standalone Digital Business offers customers access to over 800 designer brands through its website,, and mobile app. Additionally, the business provides a unique shopping experience with new and exclusive products available only at Saks OFF 5TH’s digital platform.

Saks OFF 5TH’s digitally-led strategy focuses on building a platform that will merge fashion and technology through an engaging customer experience emphasising convenience and personalization. This allows customers to browse and purchase their desired clothing or accessories from any device at any time from anyplace worldwide. Saks OFF 5TH has shifted its focus from traditional media sources such as broadcast and print advertisements to more modern marketing methods to stay competitive in a continually evolving industry. These include email campaigns and social media campaigns that use targeted reach strategies for specific audiences like millennials. Additionally, the standalone digital business plans to launch predictive merchandising capabilities based on customer data such as size preferences or purchase history that can create more personal shopper experiences.

Strategies for Achieving the Goals

Saks OFF 5TH’s long-term vision is to build a standalone, profitable, customer-centric digital business that consistently delivers speed and convenience. To achieve this, the company has implemented several strategies that focus on leveraging technology and data to understand customer needs and ensure they have the right product mix.

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The following are some of the strategies Saks OFF 5TH is utilising to reach its goals:

1. Utilising third-party data and analytics to better determine customers’ shopping preferences. Saks OFF 5TH uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) practices like machine learning for predictive analytics, allowing them to better understand who their customers are, what products they’re looking for, when it’s appropriate to offer promotions, etc.

2. Streamlining operations by automating manual processes and leveraging efficient supply chain networks, enabling faster shipping speeds at lower costs. By optimising their operations with AI and automation technologies, Saks OFF 5TH has been able to optimise their response times, reduce cover costs for themselves and shoppers alike, and increase accuracy in inventory management and customer data collection processes.

3. Focusing on personalised experiences by developing a deeper understanding of shoppers through data analysis techniques such as dynamic pricing optimization or natural language processing (NLP). By utilising analytic techniques such as these, Saks OFF 5TH has become more efficient in managing inventory. In addition, it allows them greater insight into customer behaviour, which helps determine what products should be featured in marketing campaigns or which prices should be offered according to the shopper’s profile. As a result of this research Saks OFF 5TH can offer customised promotions for different types of shoppers allowing for tighter targeting resulting in higher conversion rates for the company overall.

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