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How the fund will be used to invest in blockchain and crypto projects

FTX has recently announced the launch of its venture fund with an initial investment of $2 billion. FTX hopes to be at the forefront of emerging technologies by investing in promising blockchain and crypto projects.

Furthermore, the San Francisco-based exchange hired an Lightspeed Venture Partners executive to lead their venture fund.

In this article, we will explore the implications of this move and what it means for both FTX and the blockchain and crypto space.

Overview of FTX’s $2 billion venture fund

FTX’s $2 billion venture fund was launched in 2020 to invest in blockchain and crypto projects. FTX is an online cryptocurrency derivatives exchange created by Alameda Research, a leading cryptocurrency liquidity provider. The fund is designed to help providers access capital, expand their customer base, and become more competitive in the dynamic digital asset space.

The purpose of the venture fund is to identify and accelerate innovative projects that have the potential to scale and utilise blockchain technology in transformative ways. Examples of such startups could include custodians, wallets, trading platforms, market makers and liquidity providers, software development companies, technology innovation projects in areas like DeFi or NFTs.

FTX’s scope for potential investments ranges from Seed to Series B worldwide. Areas of focus for investment include financial services infrastructure, digital asset service providers (e.g., payment processors), healthcare information systems (e.g., SCMs), supply chain management (SCM) systems, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) applications related to government regulations compliance such as KYC/AML/FATCA etc., registration of digitized documents like car titles using blockchain-as-a-service solutions on cloud technology platforms etc., developers who are looking for institutional-grade investors for their gaming projects or application marketers who are seeking new channels for user acquisition through token campaigns on FTX’s platform.

The fund will focus on identifying high-quality investment opportunities utilising holistic criteria covering a comprehensive set of aspects such as team quality & experience; development progress & roadmap; technological features & potential; elasticity & scalability; partnership size & breadth; industry integration strategies; tokenomics design & utility and user adoption initiatives among others.

FTX launches $2 billion venture fund, hires Lightspeed exec to lead

FTX recently launched a new fund with $2 billion that will be used to invest in blockchain and crypto projects. The fund will be led by a former Lightspeed exec and will use a prescribed investment strategy to generate returns.

In this article, we will discuss the fund’s investment strategy and how it will be used to generate returns.

Focus on blockchain and crypto projects

In executing our investment strategy, we aim to focus primarily on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Blockchain technology encompasses a wide range of distributed ledger solutions, ranging from public networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to private, enterprise-oriented platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric or R3’s Corda.

We will also consider investments in protocols and related infrastructure projects that enable the development of these novel technologies.

In addition to direct investments in blockchain technology, we will consider investing in companies or funds that have adopted these technologies. This could include “tokenized” company equity, regulatory-compliant crypto asset funds and corporate treasuries utilising digital tokens for hedging purposes.

We look for projects utilising blockchain technology applications that demonstrate clear advantages over existing solutions regarding their scalability, performance and cost effectiveness potential. We also assess the technical viability of each project after conducting due diligence into their technical capabilities – including software architecture/system design verification, security risk assessments, and evaluating the capability of its underlying business model. Additionally, we actively monitor the developments surrounding regulation limiting or prohibiting investments in certain domains or jurisdictions when assessing potential opportunities.

Hiring of Lightspeed executive to lead

Investing in blockchain and crypto projects requires a sound strategy to ensure that the funds are used to maximum effect and yield the highest return on investments. Recently, Lightspeed executive has been hired to spearhead investments into the emerging technology. This move forms part of a larger strategy put in place by the fund managers to focus investment into innovative technologies and emerging markets. The hire is notable as Lightspeed is an industry leader in venture capital fund management.

The executive will be responsible for researching potential investments and applying due diligence to each project before funds are allocated. He or she will also be charged with developing a portfolio of assets, utilising both quantitative and qualitative analysis, to maximise returns for investors while managing risk appropriately. Additionally, as blockchain technology is still in its early stages of evolution, numerous marketing opportunities must be capitalised. Finally, the new executive will be tasked with developing synergies by expanding the reach of existing blockchain projects and setting up partnerships with companies with the same vision.

Finally, educating fund stakeholders and investors about this exciting new technology through various methods such as presentations, reports or seminars, will also come under their remit to promote investment confidence while helping to create market awareness surrounding new projects as they come on board. All these activities represent how this executive hire will help propel this investment strategy forward while driving impressive returns over time.


FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, is launching a $2 billion venture fund to invest in blockchain and crypto projects. Hiring a Lightspeed executive to lead the venture, the new fund will be looking for promising startups and projects to back.

This article will discuss how the fund will be used to finance these investments.

Sources of capital

Fundraising can be a tricky and time-consuming process if done improperly. Therefore, when raising funds for blockchain and crypto projects, it is important to identify the different sources of capital available, as they may vary depending on the type of venture and its size.

ftx ventures 2b lightspeed wuchaparro theblock

There are essentially three main sources of capital that should be considered:

1. Angel investors: These individuals fund startups in exchange for equity or debt financing. Angel investments often come from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who believe in the project’s potential for growth and profitability.

2. Venture capital firms: These entities typically offer financing in exchange for an organisation’s convertible debt or equity stakes. This type of capital is typically sought by established companies that need larger funding to expand their businesses or launch new products or services.

3. Crowdfunding platforms: These allow individuals, groups, and organisations to raise funds from many people over the internet, usually without any form of financial return expecting in exchange for their contribution. Crowdfunding campaigns can help generate awareness about a project and raise substantial amounts quickly if successful.

When considering these sources, it is important to investigate the terms and conditions associated with each option carefully before opting for one particular path over another — since each comes with advantages and pros & cons that will impact how you handle your fundraising efforts forward.

Investment timeline

The timeline for investment into blockchain and crypto projects is important when structuring the fundraising process. After funds have been collected and allocated, proper investment decisions must be made promptly to maximise return and minimise risk.

The exact timeline for investing can vary depending on the project and its goals, but typically includes three components — research, analysis, and execution.

Research: This stage involves researching potential projects to invest in, considering weaknesses and strengths of each against the stated goals of the fund. The results of this research should be recorded to provide a basis for making informed decisions during future steps of the investment process.

Analysis: Once potential investments have been identified and evaluated, they must be further analysed against market trends and objectives set by the fund’s management team. Factors such as duration of return on investment, volatility within expected market cycles, competition in the sector or any other important factors must be considered carefully before making an investment decision.

Execution: After an initial analysis, an executable strategy must be developed according to desired investment returns and market conditions. This could include buying cases or tokenizing existing assets; it may also consist of empowering allies through controlling Bitcoin transactions or using leverage when purchasing new coins/tokens/assets etcetera moving forward. Achievable goals should also be established with reasonable expectations for rewards from successful reaches during progress tracking.

Investment Opportunities

Funds are a great way to invest in the latest technology trends, and FTX’s new $2 billion venture fund is a perfect example of this. It allows investors to access the potential of blockchain and crypto projects, staffed with an experienced executive from Lightspeed.

Let’s explore the potential of this fund and what investments can be made with this fund.

Types of projects FTX will invest in

FTX aims to be one of the most comprehensive and reliable sources of financial education and capital for blockchain and crypto projects. The fund will target early-, mid-, and late-stage companies developing sound technology and services in areas such as:

crypto ftx ftx ventures wuchaparro theblock

-Crypto exchanges

-Financial services (e.g., payments, custody, trading)

-Retail/Commerce applications

-Data/analytics providers

-Blockchain infrastructure, protocol layers, enterprise solutions

-Security tokens software/Platforms

-Smart contract platforms

-Privacy technologies

-Governance networks

-Loyalty and rewards systems

Additionally, FTX will also consider early stage investments in preICO startups. These companies are often riskier endeavours with higher potential returns and a greater chance of failure. The team at FTX will use its expertise to give these teams the best chance of success.

Potential returns on investments

Investors can expect attractive returns from their investments in blockchain and crypto projects. Many projects employ proven business models, such as decentralised applications (DApps) and tokenized services. By investing in tokens issued by these companies during the initial coin offering (ICO) phase, investors can benefit from the success of the project’s launch.

Some projects offer opportunities to invest in pre-ICO tokens with exclusive discounts or bonuses. These deals provide a greater return on investment than typical ICOs because they are much less expensive at purchase time and often raise funds faster than ICOs able to create more liquidity for investors.

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Another potential return comes from potential appreciation of crypto assets over time. With blockchain technology as a major driver of the growth of cryptocurrencies, many investors are taking a long-term view to potential returns by holding onto coins rather than immediately trading them on exchanges. Such holdings offer opportunities for value appreciation when other traders demand higher prices or market capitalization increases because demand rises within the sector.

Investors should take the time to evaluate each investment before committing; however, by carefully researching individual token offerings and assessing market trends across multiple sectors broadly related to cryptocurrency technologies, investors may be able to generate attractive returns over time that exceed those offered by traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

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