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4 Steps to an Excellent LinkedIn Account in 2023

LinkedIn is an ideal place for those who plan to find a new job, get offers, or become partners with entrepreneurs from their niche. However, for some reason, people still don’t take this platform seriously and believe that it is impossible to develop here.

Why do they think that? Some are sure that the competition is too fierce, while others don’t believe in the power of social networks. But the truth is that many job seekers have found the perfect place to work here.

Yes, they had to make an effort and stand out from the crowd, but this is much less than they got in the end. Well, if you’re looking for a job, want to show your professionalism, and declare yourself, start developing your account now.

In this article, we’ve collected 4 steps for the prosperity of your profile. Believe us, if you do everything right, after just one or two weeks, interest in your professional page will noticeably grow. Read on!

Extremely good biography

As in any other social network, the description of your profile and the correct photo is of great importance. Imagine that you’re an employer and want to find a great employee; what do you pay attention to first? Of course, on his personal description and appearance. This is no less important than skills and knowledge.

Here you have to show yourself not just as a good employee but also as an open and friendly person. Write a couple of sentences about yourself: who are you, how old are you, in what field are you an expert, and where do you live? You can also talk about your hobbies, favorite music, or books.

As for the main image, you should be here. Choose the most successful photo and make sure that it is suitable for a job search. We would not advise you to make a choice in the direction of selfies or joint photos – this is an unsuitable format. Upload your photo on a neutral background or, for example, from a conference or professional event.

Make your profile attractive

So, you’ve filled your account with the right words and uploaded a great photo; the next step is to get as many interactions with your profile as possible. This is necessary in order to increase the rating of the page. However, it is difficult and long to improve social credibility and confirm your professionalism using free methods.

If you’re interested in improving the rating as quickly and efficiently as possible, consider the opportunity to buy LinkedIn endorsements, followers, etc. The purchase will have a positive impact on your growth – you’ll see how quickly the account will become more popular and viewed. In general, this is exactly what you need to get started.

Highlight your skills

The skill list is literally the most important thing on this platform. There are many different ready-made skills that you can choose and place in your account but treat them wisely. We would not recommend including in this list everything that you can do in theory – add only real practical skills that you own. Don’t seek to deceive a potential employer or to appear better than you really are. There’s no point inundating your list with different talents if you can’t actually do it.

Join groups

You already have a great account, enough interactions, and a full list of skills. Now is the time to start interacting with other people! There are many different groups on LinkedIn; join them: choose groups in your industry and groups that have your business demographic. This is a real chance to make new useful acquaintances and get more interactions, making your page more famous in the online community.

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