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Dating a Mexican Woman: Pros and Cons

Dating anyone comes with its own long list of Pros and Cons, regardless of who they are and where they are from. No relationship is perfect, of course – some are just better than others. This doesn’t mean we should just settle for the first person we find, of course, as some relationships can indeed be drastically better than others, while many of the rest can be so bad they aren’t worth it.

The first step to ensuring that you’d get the former rather than the latter is to make sure you’re extra thoughtful and deliberate when choosing who to date. And some of the most awesome ladies to date today are Mexican women. They too come with their own list of Pros and Cons, however, so it’s best to be aware of that from the get-go.

Pros of Dating Mexican Women

  1. Women From Few Other Countries are as Passionate as Mexican Ladies

We all know Latina women are passionate – about love, work, their families, and life. This is talked about so often that many people even see it as a rather pervasive cliché. In fact, many Latina women aren’t particularly fond of constantly being called passionate or its many synonyms, such as spicy, fiery, raunchy, and so on.

Yet, the fact remains – Latinas are indeed passionate, as that’s a very big part of their culture. And that very much applies to Mexican women as well. That passion applies not just to the bedroom too – it’s an all-encompassing zest for life and a desire for new and exciting experiences, which makes both dating and family life with a Mexican woman incredibly fun and interesting.

  1. Mexican Women are very Family-first

The fact that Mexican and other Latina women are very family-oriented isn’t just a cliché dating sites tell you to get you excited about them. Taking care of one’s family and maintaining strong connections with your extended family and relatives are both strongly engraved in Mexican culture.

This means many things for your potential future life with your Mexican date – it means she’ll almost certainly want kids, she’ll want to and know how to take excellent care for them and for you, and she’ll actively be looking out both for her and for your extended families.


Do be warned that Mexican ladies expect that same devotion to the family from their men as well. A Mexican woman usually has little patience for the stereotypical “career man” who thinks it’s enough to just go to work and bring home his salary. For a Mexican gal, the man and the woman in a relationship are expected to both provide and look after the family.

  1. You’ll be Impressed by How Hardworking Mexican Women Can Be

One of the nastiest racial clichés some white folks still have for Mexican people is that they are “lazy.” This is especially infuriating for Mexican people as it’s not just wrong, but the exact opposite is the case – Mexican people, both men and women alike, are exceptionally hard working.

Cons of Dating Mexican Women

  1. She Will Likely Have a Family and a Home Abroad as Well

Whether you’ve met a local Mexican-American girl and you’re wondering whether to ask her out on a date or you’ve looked for a mail-order bride on an online site for Mexican brides, chances are that your Mexican date will have family not just in the U.S. but abroad as well.

This isn’t necessarily a big “Con” in and of itself. After all, multicultural relationships with large extended families spanning several countries are incredibly fun, colorful, and enriching – both for you and for your future kids together. However, this does present some potential logistical issues you should at least be aware of ahead of time. Having family abroad means relatively regular trips abroad too, after all, which is something both you and your wallet might want to be prepared for.

  1. You Won’t be in a Relationship Just with Her – You’ll be in a Relationship with Her Whole Family

You can say this is the mirror image of “Pro #2” above – Mexican women are typically so close to their families that you can expect to be closely involved with them as well. For many people, this isn’t that big of a “Con,” or maybe it isn’t one at all, and that’s great.


Still, for many Americans and other non-Latino people, this can be a rather stark cultural difference they aren’t prepared for. If this is true for you too, then you’d probably have two main choices ahead of you – 1) look for another woman to date, or 2) deal with it and get ready to embrace all the aspects of getting close with a huge Mexican family.

  1. A Mexican Woman’s Fiery Passion Can Have its Drawbacks Too, Such as Jealousy and Possessiveness

Jealousy is one of the dark consequences of unbridled passion or – even more accurately – of improper communication and a lack of trust in a relationship. This isn’t to say that Mexican women are always more jealous than non-Mexican women – everyone is different at the end of the day. However, one of the negative hallmarks of many overly passionate relationships is the risk of jealousy and possessiveness.

Fortunately, there are fixes for that – adequate communication and trust-building that can stave off such jealousy-related issues while leaving the fiery passion of the relationship intact. So, this is by no means a “Con” you and your Mexican lady can’t work through, but it is something to be aware of and be prepared for.


Don’t let the 3-to-3 ratio of Pros and Cons fool you – dating a Mexican lady is almost always very much worth it. Yes, they likely have exceedingly large families, which is something not all Americans are used to, and there can be some cultural differences that would need proper communication to iron out.

However, neither of these “Cons” is something all that detrimental a good relationship can’t deal with or even turn into an outright “Pro.”

So, if you’re wondering whether to ask that Mexican girl you fancy out on a date or whether you should try looking for a Mexican lady online – the answer is almost always a resounding “Yes!”

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