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Maintaining a Garbage Crusher/Grinder with a Waste Disposal Unit

A garbage crusher (grinder) can be a great addition to your kitchen. This is because of its convenience, eco-friendliness, and high level of functionality. However, it must be properly maintained.

This is particularly because proper maintenance ensures its efficiency, durability, and even safe operation. This is besides the fact that proper maintenance practices help in avoiding foul odor, potential breakdown, and clogging problems.

To this end, this article broadly sheds light on the subject of properly maintaining a garbage grinder with a waste disposal unit. However, the importance of using top-quality kitchen sink garbage crushers cannot be overemphasized. By and large, it is easier to maintain top-quality products.

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Regular Cleaning

Several complications can set in if you fail to regularly clean your crusher with a waste disposal unit. Some of the complications in question include:



·Damaged Blades


·Motor Damage

·Reduced Lifespan

·Health Risks

A lot of the above-listed happen in the long run. So, you should do the needful by regularly cleaning this kitchen installation. To this end, some appropriate regular cleaning tips include:

Switching off from the Power Source

Caution is of the essence when using this machine. Taking cognizance of this ensures that accidents are avoided.

In the spirit of being cautious, you should never clean with the machine connected to the power source. This suggests that turning it off from the machine’s power source is not being cautious enough.

Use Salt & Ice

The blades are a crucial part of this machine’s makeup. As a result, they need to be in the right state and shape, which is why cleaning them with salt and ice is advised.

You just need to have a mixture of (preferably) rock salt and ice cubes run through the disposal. Thankfully, this is an eco-friendly combination that can be used in a sink with a garbage crusher & waste disposal unit and offers so much more. For instance, this mixture can also make the blades sharper besides doing a lot to rid them of dirt buildup.

Use Water & Dish Soap

While the blade should be given sufficient attention, there are equally other important parts that need to be properly and regularly cleaned. The grinding chamber and the splash guard are prime examples.

The splash guard, which is usually made with rubber, should be thoroughly but carefully scrubbed. Both the grinding chamber and splash guard should be cleaned using water and dish soap. Avoid using products with harsh chemicals.

Clog Prevention

The need to avoid clog issues is a major reason for using garbage crushers with waste disposal units. So, it becomes very frustrating when these issues still arise. In the spirit of avoiding them, some helpful tips include the following:

Steer Clear of Hard Materials

The machine’s blades can do quite a lot as you may have noticed. Be that as it may, they should not be pushed to their limits, which is why you are advised to avoid putting certain materials. Prime examples include:

·Fruit Pits

·Hard Seeds




·Bottle Caps

·Hard Shells – Such as Lobster and Crab shells

By and large, these are usually very hard materials and are capable of causing damage to the machine’s blade. So, do not let such materials go through.

Cold Water

Intermittently pour cold water for some seconds while the machine is being operated. This is particularly helpful for dealing with oily and greasy wastes by causing them to solidify enough to be chopped up. Mind you, the cold water trick should still be carried out some seconds after the machine is switched off.

Be Mindful of Fibrous Materials

Fibrous materials such as onion skins, corn husks, and celery can ultimately cause clogging by wrapping themselves around the machine’s blade.


So, you should avoid putting them in, if you can afford to do this. If you cannot, take care to cut such materials into smaller bits before putting them in.

Perform Maintenance Checks

Some complications with this machine are more common than others. Furthermore, there are common signs that suggest problems with this machine, which is why the following inspections should be carried out:

Blade Inspection

The state and even shape of the blades determine the effectiveness and efficiency of this machine to a large extent. This is why it should be one of the most inspected parts.

Leakage Check

Quite a lot can go wrong if leakage issues are not promptly detected and resolved. Some of the adverse consequences include:

·Mold & Mildew Growth

·Moisture Damage to Flooring & Cabinets

·Electrical Hazards

·Structural Damage – Particularly to surrounding areas

·Water Wastage

·Expensive Repairs or even Replacement

·Health Risks


Leakage inspection should therefore be carried out in the spirit of avoiding any and every of the above-mentioned. If there is a leakage issue, the needful should be done. This might require the replacement of worn-out components or simply tightening connections.

Motor Testing

Occasionally test-run the machine’s motor. Pay attention to its sound beyond its ability to crush things inside the machine. The reason is that several motor issues start with strange noises.

Professional Maintenance

There is a lot that you can do to keep your garbage crusher with a waste disposal unit in perfect working condition. However, some things are beyond your direct input, which is why professional maintenance inspection should be periodically sought.

Furthermore, the machine should be handled in line with its manufacturer’s guidelines. So, you need to check the product’s manual so that you always make informed decisions.

Waste Disposal

Non-biodegradable cleaners should be avoided when cleaning this machine. This is because of the adverse consequences of using such, including:

·Damage to components

·Contamination of wastewater

·Damaging effects on pipes and seals

·Clog/blockage issues – As a result of residue accumulation

·Release of toxic fumes

·Negative health impact

·Environmental pollution

·Damage to sewage & plumbing systems


Biodegradable cleaners should be used for cleaning this machine for the above-mentioned reasons and more. For more on the drawbacks of using non-biodegradable cleaners, you can visit:


While this article has been mainly about properly maintaining garbage crushers with waste disposal units, buying a top-quality product is important. For starters, it means that you will be getting something much easier to maintain. So, make the right decision when getting this machine.

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