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How to Choose a Bra for a Teenager

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Embarking on the journey of selecting a bra for a teenage daughter is a significant milestone, reflecting the change from childhood to adolescence. In this article, we help by offering a parent guide to choosing bras for a teenager.

Understanding the Emotional Landscape

This stage in a teenager’s life is as much about emotional and psychological growth as it is about physical changes. It’s essential for parents to approach the topic of bra selection with sensitivity, recognizing it’s not just about buying an undergarment but about supporting her evolving self-image and body confidence. This period is a delicate balance between providing guidance and respecting the growing need for independence.

It’s also important to note that the right time to choose a bra is completely dependent on the individual and when their puberty journey begins. Various factors can determine when puberty begins in a young girl, including genetics, physical activity, and nutrition.

Facilitating Open Conversations

Initiating open and empathetic dialogue is key. This conversation is an opportunity to discuss body positivity and the natural changes that come with growing up. Creating a space where your daughter feels comfortable sharing her feelings and questions builds trust and ensures she feels supported and valued during this significant phase of her life. It’s also a chance to dispel any myths or misconceptions about bras and body development.

Respecting Individual Preferences

Every teenager is unique, and so are their needs when it comes to selecting a bra. Encourage your daughter to express her personal preferences, whether it’s about style, fit, or fabric. This respect for her individuality and choices is crucial for her self-esteem, as what might be comfortable and appealing for one teenager might not be the same for another.

Guiding Through the Selection Process

Navigating the array of bra options can be overwhelming. Parents can help by explaining the benefits of various styles, such as sports bras for physical activities or padded ones for extra coverage.


Guide her in understanding what might work best for her lifestyle and comfort. Discuss the importance of different features like adjustable straps, hook-and-eye closures, and various types of padding.

Promoting a Positive Body Image

Choosing a bra is an opportunity to promote a healthy body image. Encourage your daughter to appreciate her body and recognize that everyone’s journey is unique. Reinforce that bras are about feeling secure and having support, not just appearance. This is also a time to emphasize that beauty and self-worth are not defined by physical appearance or the type of undergarments one wears.

Creating a Positive Shopping Experience

Make bra shopping a positive and memorable experience. Involve your daughter in every step, whether shopping online or in a store. This involvement empowers her choices and strengthens your bond. Here are ways you can make the experience enjoyable:

  • Plan a special day dedicated to bra shopping;
  • Give guidance but allow her to make the final decisions;
  • Celebrate her growing independence and decision-making skills;
  • Visit stores like Bleuet, which specializes in undergarments for young girls, offering a range of options that combine style, security, and support.

Incorporating Expert Advice

Seeking advice from experts can be invaluable. Many stores offer professional fittings, which can ensure the bra is the right size and shape for your daughter’s body. Experts can also provide insights into the best options for her specific needs. They can help demystify the process and make your daughter feel more at ease with the various choices available.

Furthermore, imparting your own guidance, sharing experiences, and encouraging positive habits to your teenager — such as washing undergarments correctly — is also important.

Navigating Online and In-Store Shopping

The modern era offers the convenience of both online and in-store shopping experiences. Online shopping can provide a sense of privacy and comfort for some teenagers, while in-store shopping can present a more hands-on approach.


When shopping online, look for websites with detailed sizing guides and good return policies. In-store, seek out shops that are known for their positive, youth-friendly environments.

The Role of Parents in Building Confidence

Throughout this journey, the role of parents extends beyond just helping to choose a bra. It’s about building confidence and self-assurance in your daughter. Celebrate this milestone as a part of growing up and encourage her to voice her opinions and preferences. This experience can be a stepping stone in fostering her self-reliance and decision-making skills.


Selecting a bra is a pivotal moment in a teenager’s life and an opportunity for parents to assist their child’s evolution into adolescence. This experience, when navigated with empathy, understanding, and respect for her individuality, can strengthen the parent-daughter relationship. It’s about nurturing her self-esteem and embracing her unique path to womanhood.

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