How to Take the Stress Out of Your Big Hawaii Family Vacation

Big family holidays are so important. They are the trips that build lasting memories for you and your children. However, just because there will undoubtedly be those moments of pure joy doesn’t mean that traveling with a big group, much less a big group with kids, isn’t a challenge. If you dream of going to Hawaii, and are worried about planning it, then use this guide to help you through the process. Here, you’ll find all the helpful tips and tricks to take the stress out of not just planning, but the trip itself:

Keep Your Family Together

The first big tip is to skip the complicated hotel room bookings and instead book everyone into one of these top Maui vacation rentals instead. If you can get your whole family into one space you can immediately keep a closer eye on everyone, and relax because of it. This doesn’t mean it’s one bed and cots, either. You’ll have a whole condo to yourselves to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Start the Day With Big, Healthy Breakfasts

One of the biggest challenges for families on vacation is mealtime. Eating out is great, yes, but when you have young kids or kids with eating restrictions it can be a challenge. The good news is that that condo you’ve rented out will have a kitchen. Even if you eat out for your lunches and dinners, it’s a great idea to have breakfast in the condo. Continental-style breakfast gives everyone options, and takes the effort of cooking out of the equation. As a bonus, everyone can eat before getting ready, which is bound to ease several morning stresses right out of the gate.

Prep Snacks

One thing that will make a massive difference in keeping your kids happy throughout the day is snacks. Kids need constant snacks and drinks to stay regulated, and having simple things on hand will make a huge difference for your day.


You can even make those snacks yourself, or just stick with pre-bought ones. Having a cooler pack in your backpack will keep these snacks fresh, so you’re ready if hanger starts to rear its ugly head.

Stick to One Timed Event Per Day

Getting a large group to be somewhere at a specific time is stressful, so try to limit timed activities to once per day, or even consider doing away with them entirely. There are so many fun activities that you can do that don’t need you to book ahead. Yes, tours are timed, but going to the museum or Polynesian cultural center isn’t.


The same goes for beaches, hikes, or even road trips. You can enjoy the journey much more by taking out the pressure of being somewhere on time.

Plan Downtime

You and your kids are absolutely going to love getting out there and doing things in Hawaii. This can be playing out on the water, snorkeling, hiking, or even horseback riding. The secret to keep stress and tantrums on the low is to build in rest periods as well. Everyone gets tired, especially if they’re not active at home, and kids aren’t great at managing their emotions when they’re not feeling their best.

What does this mean? It means planning slow periods. Picnics are a great way to relax, nap, snack, and so on. You don’t even need to stay outside! Go back to your condo and enjoy a relaxing siesta after a morning activity to build up energy to go out again in the evening.

Slow is the island way of life, and slow is how you’ll have a stress-free holiday with your kids.

Brantley Jackson, dad and writer at 'Not in the Kitchen Anymore' is well-known in the parenting world. He writes about his experiences of raising children and provides advice to other fathers. His articles are widely praised for being real and relatable. As well as being an author, he is a full-time dad and loves spending time with his family. His devotion to his kids and love of writing drives him to motivate others.