Fun Activities to Do With Sacrament For Primary Kids: Ideas to Engage And Inspire

Looking for ways to engage your primary kids during the sacrament? Look no further! As a seasoned member of the primary presidency, I’ve come up with a few fun ideas to make the sacrament meeting experience both engaging and memorable.

One of the ways that you can make the sacrament service engaging for primary kids is by introducing scripture-based activities. You could create a scavenger hunt based on gospel themes, or have kids act out a portion of scripture during the sacrament.

Another great idea for keeping your primary kids engaged is to create a “sacrament bucket”. This could be filled with items such as gospel-centered coloring books, small toys that reinforce gospel concepts, puzzles, or other quiet activities that kids can complete while listening to the sacrament talks.

Finally, you could also introduce a “sacrament journal” that is specifically for your primary kids. Encourage them to write down their thoughts and feelings during the sacrament or draw pictures that reflect the lessons they’ve learned during church. This could become a treasured memento for both the child and their family.

Exciting Indoor Activities For Primary Kids

As a parent or teacher in the primary age group, you’re always looking for ways to keep your kids engaged and entertained, especially when they are learning about the sacrament. With these fun and exciting indoor activities, your kids will look forward to coming to sacrament meeting. Here are some ideas:

1. Scripture Stories Game

Introduce your kids to the scriptures through a fun game. Start by telling a story from the scriptures or let your kids choose one. Then, give each child a card with a specific word related to the story, and ask them to listen carefully. When they hear their word, they can stand up and say it out loud. To make it more challenging, you can change the words or add more.

2. The Sacrament Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt that focuses on important aspects of the sacrament. Put clues or printed scriptures in different locations around the building. You can include questions about the hymns, the symbols on the sacrament tray, the prayers, and other topics related to the ordinance. Award small prizes to those who finish the hunt quickly.

3. Blessing Badges

Have each child create a “Blessing Badge” – a small paper badge with their name on it. After taking the sacrament, the children can stick a sticker or draw a symbol on their badge to remind them of promises they’ve made. This can help them remember the promises they’ve made during the sacrament ordinance.

4. Sacrament Bingo

Create a sacrament-themed bingo card for each child, with words like “bread,” “water,” “priesthood,” “Atonement,” and “Holy Ghost.” As they listen to the sacrament prayers and the talks during the meeting, they can mark off the words on their card. The first to get bingo can receive a small prize, like a treat or a sticker.

5. Scripture Mastermind

In this fun activity, one child thinks of a scripture story, while the other child asks yes-or-no questions to guess the story. For example, “Did it happen in the New Testament?” or “Did Jesus do a miracle in the story?”. You can use any story from any scripture, but the point is to get kids thinking about the lessons they can learn from them.

With these indoor activities, your primary kids will have a great time learning about the sacrament and the gospel while having fun. Try them out and see how excited your kids will be to come to church each week!Pexels-alexander-grey-1449934

Interactive Outdoor Games For Sacrament Preparation

Preparing for sacrament can be an exciting time for primary kids, but it is important to make sure their engagement level stays high. Interactive outdoor games are a great way to ensure kids are having fun while they prepare. Here are some great ideas for interactive outdoor games that primary kids can enjoy while preparing for their sacrament:

  • “Sacrament Scavenger Hunt”: Kids can hunt for items related to their sacrament preparation such as bread, water, prayer, scriptures, etc. The first team to find all the items and return to the starting point wins a prize!
  • “Musical Chairs”: This classic game is a fun way to reinforce what kids have learned about taking the sacrament. Set up chairs in a circle and play sacrament hymns. When the music stops, whoever doesn’t find a chair must answer a question related to the sacrament before returning to the game.
  • “Scripture Search”: Hide small pictures of scriptures around a designated area. Kids can search for them and then piece together the pictures to represent the sacrament prayers.
  • “Sacrament Relay”: Create teams and set up stations around the yard. At each station, kids must complete a task before passing off to the next team member. The final station can require kids to complete a memory activity related to the sacrament to win.

These interactive outdoor games can help engage primary kids in a fun way while also reinforcing important lessons related to their sacrament preparation. By using these strategies, kids can develop a deeper understanding of the sacrament while also enjoying themselves.

Creative Arts And Crafts With a Sacrament Theme

Engaging children in creative activities can teach them important lessons while keeping them entertained. Incorporating a sacrament theme into arts and crafts activities can help primary kids understand the significance of the blessed sacrament more deeply.

Here are some fun and engaging creative arts and crafts activities with a sacrament theme that your primary kids will love:

1. Bread of Life Craft

This activity requires few supplies and can be done with a group or solo. Kids can learn how to make small loaves of bread which represents the bread in the Eucharist. Have them shape the dough and stack them together, and let it rise before they bake it. Have them take it home to share with their families over dinner, reminding them of the Eucharist as a symbol of love, sharing, and sacrifice.

2. Baptismal Candle Art

In this activity, kids can make their own baptismal candles using a white and yellow candle, thin sheets of beeswax, and paint. They will understand the importance of baptism as the act of being filled with the light of Christ and of sharing that light with others as they decorate their candles.

3. Rosary Bracelets

This activity is a great way to teach your primary kids about the rosary, its significance, and how to pray using it. Use different-colored beads that correspond to the Mysteries of the Rosary and guide them on how to assemble a small bracelet representing each bead of the rosary. They can wear the bracelets or gift them to their families.

4. Holy Water Bottles

This is a fun and easy activity that your primary kids will enjoy as they learn about the importance of holy water. Provide small bottles for them and have them create their own labels. Encourage them to use the bottles in their homes to bless their family and friends.

Implementing these creative arts and crafts activities with a sacrament theme can be a great way of teaching your primary kids critical lessons while keeping them entertained. By incorporating these fun activities, you’ll be more likely to engage them on a deeper level with the sacraments.


In this article, I have shared some of the most fun activities that you can do with sacrament for primary kids. These activities are a great way to engage your kids and make them excited about their faith. By incorporating these activities into your lessons, you can help your primary kids better understand the significance of the sacrament and appreciate its importance in their lives.

Through the various activities covered, your kids will learn about the sacrament in a fun and interactive way. They will come to understand the symbolism behind bread and water, and the importance of taking the sacrament worthily. They will also learn about forgiveness and how to repent of sins.

Remember, the goal is not just to teach your kids about the sacrament, but to engage them and make the learning process enjoyable. By doing so, you can help your kids develop a strong testimony of the gospel and a love for the sacrament.

In conclusion, I hope that the activities I have shared in this article will prove useful to you. Don’t be afraid to try new things and come up with your own creative ideas as well. The most important thing is to help your primary kids understand and appreciate the significance of the sacrament in an enjoyable way.

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