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How I Took Stunning Newborn Photos Using a Brown Furry Blanket


Capturing the perfect shot of a newborn can be a challenging task, but using a brown furry blanket can create a cozy and timeless photo. As a professional newborn photographer, I’ve found that incorporating this simple prop can significantly improve the overall quality of the image. In this article, I’ll share my knowledge and experience on how to use a brown furry blanket in newborn photography.

Firstly, it’s important to choose the right type of blanket. Opt for a soft and comfortable furry blanket in brown color, which can add warmth and texture to the photo. Once you have your blanket, find a suitable location that has ample natural light. Position your newborn baby on the blanket and tuck him or her in securely.

Next, experiment with different poses and angles. You can try a variety of positions, such as the froggy pose or the potato sack pose, with the baby placed on the blanket. To add some variety to your shots, try taking close-ups of the baby’s hands and feet immersed in the blankets’ soft fibers. Experiment with different camera angles, such as shooting from above or below, to create unique perspectives.

Lastly, edit the photos to enhance the quality of the image. You can convert the photo to black and white to create a classic and timeless feel, or use a filter to add a warm and cozy tone. By following these tips, you can use a brown furry blanket to capture stunning and unforgettable newborn photos.

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How to use Brown Furry Blanket in Newborn Photography

When it comes to newborn photography, choosing the right props and accessories can make all the difference in creating beautiful, timeless images. One popular and versatile prop is a brown furry blanket. In this section, I’ll share some tips on how to choose the best brown furry blanket for your newborn photography sessions.

Material and Texture

The material and texture of the brown furry blanket are crucial in creating a natural and comfortable environment for the baby. Always opt for high-quality and soft material that will prevent irritation or discomfort to the baby’s delicate skin. Some preferable materials include faux fur or minky fabric. These materials provide the look of real fur without the ethical concerns, and are comfortable for the baby to lie on, which can help increase their willingness to cooperate during the photo session.


Another important aspect to consider when choosing a brown furry blanket for your newborn photography session is the size. Ensure that the blanket is large enough to cover the newborn completely while providing enough room for different poses and props. A standard size for a newborn photography blanket is around 30 x 40 inches, but this may change according to your personal preference.


When it comes to color, a neutral brown tone gives an earthy and natural feel, but make sure it complements the baby’s skin tone. Stick to light to medium shades of brown that are a close match to the baby’s skin tone as it helps to bring out the warmth and natural beauty of the baby. However, avoid choosing a dark or bold color that would overpower the baby’s gentle features.

In conclusion, choosing the right brown furry blanket for newborn photography is all about softness, size, and color. While there is no hard and fast rule, these tips will undoubtedly help you choose a visually appealing and comfortable blanket ensuring stunning images and memorable moments with the newborn.

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Setting up the Blanket for Newborn Photography

When it comes to newborn photography, props play a crucial role. One such prop that can add an extra element of cuteness to your newborn photography session is a brown furry blanket. In this section, I’ll explain how to set up the brown furry blanket for newborn photography to get the best results.

First things first, make sure the brown furry blanket you have chosen is clean and soft. A soft and fluffy blanket will provide a comfortable and cozy spot for the baby to lay down. To begin, you should place the blanket on a flat surface, such as a beanbag or any other posing prop.

Next, you should ensure that the blanket is free of any wrinkles or creases. These can be a distraction and take away from the focus of the photo – your adorable newborn. Gentle smoothing or stretching of the blanket will help you get a clean and even surface.

Another important factor to consider is the position of the baby on the furry blanket. Generally, placing the baby in the center of the blanket works best. This allows the fur to frame the baby nicely, capturing their adorable features.

In addition to the placement of the baby, you should also consider the angle or perspective of the photo. Experiment with different angles, such as shooting directly above the baby or from a lower angle. This can help you get an interesting composition and make the photo more appealing.

Finally, lighting is also crucial in newborn photography. Take advantage of natural light when possible, such as placing the baby near a window that allows for soft, diffused light. This can help you capture beautiful, natural-looking photos.

By following these tips, you can set up the brown furry blanket for newborn photography and capture breathtaking photos of your precious little one.

Tips for Using the Brown Furry Blanket in Newborn Photography

The brown furry blanket is a popular prop among newborn photographers, especially for creating cozy and warm settings. Here are some tips for using the brown furry blanket in newborn photography:

1. Choose the Right Size and Texture

When choosing a brown furry blanket, make sure to consider the size of the newborn and the desired composition. A small blanket may be ideal for achieving a tight shot of the baby, while a larger blanket can be used for a more expansive, full-body image. It’s also important to consider the texture of the blanket; a soft and fluffy texture will create a warm and comfortable feeling, while a coarser texture can add depth and texture to the image.

2. Experiment with Angles and Lighting

The angle at which you place the baby on the brown furry blanket can greatly impact the composition and mood of the image. Try experimenting with different angles such as overhead, angled, or straight-on shots. Additionally, lighting can play a crucial role in creating a beautiful and flattering image. Consider using natural light or soft box lighting to create a warm and inviting setting.

3. Incorporate Other Props or Accessories

While the brown furry blanket can stand alone as a prop, it can also be paired with other accessories or props for added interest. Consider pairing it with simple headbands, hats, or wraps in neutral colors to draw attention to the baby’s face and features. You can also incorporate baskets, bowls, or other natural materials to add a rustic touch to the composition.

In conclusion, the brown furry blanket is a versatile prop that can be used to create a cozy and warm setting in newborn photography. By considering factors such as size, texture, angle, lighting, and additional props, you can create beautiful and captivating images that will be cherished for years to come.

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