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Games to Play at School and College

Sometimes, all students need to rest from the boring lessons and have some fun, and there is nothing wrong with that. Yes, you may chat with your classmates, but what if you want to feel like you are at home? You are right; it’s time to find the games to play at school on computer.

You may not have a computer in your class, but you probably have a computer class at school. The only thing you need is to choose silent online games that don’t draw much attention. And that’s we will help you to find fun games to play at school on the computer.

Why are Good Games to Play at School Prohibited?

Many teachers don’t allow you to play computer games at school even if you have a computer in class. It is usually considered the property of the teacher, so no games are allowed. But why are teachers so strict with computer games during school time?

Firstly, many computer best games to play in school are noisy and may distract students who want to learn something during their brake. Secondly, lots of shooters and other types of games produce many light and visual effects, which, again, can distract your classmates.

Besides, teachers don’t want their students to be concentrated on something apart from the educational program at school.

Games to Play in School Computer: Possible Options

As we mentioned above, there are many games that you should better not play in the computer class. You need to choose silent games with low graphics and without visual effects. It is also better to forget about the games that require you to listen to the sound, which mostly all the shooters require.

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You should also avoid fun computer games to play at school that should be downloaded on the computer. The installation may take up to 5 minutes, and you may lose your precious time. That is why it is better to look for online games that can be found with a few clicks.

Best Games to Play on Computer at School

Now, we will share with you the best computer games that fall under the criteria we mentioned before. There are lots of computer games to play at school which you can secretly play in the computer class, and no one will even notice.


A snake is a perfect option because it doesn’t require much concentration and doesn’t produce much noise. It is a simple and widely known game. Although the game doesn’t have any plot or enchanting graphics, it can still be engaging and challenging. That is why it is one of the best games to play while in school.

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Playing the snake game you will need to chase and east the smaller snakes to make your snake bigger. The game continues until you get the whole screen covered with the long tail of the snake. What is the best? The snake game has many variations on the web, and you can

choose the renewed or old-school one. Anyways, you can play the snake on the class computer or on your phone right at the lesson.

Flappy Bird

Flappy bird is an iconic game that can be played either on a phone or on a computer and is one of the good games to play in school. The game may seem easy at the start, but in fact, it is pretty hard to pass to the new levels. The idea of the game is not to let the bird hit the pipes that are coming from the top and the bottom. Yes, the idea may seem simple, but you will see how engaged you will be to beat new and new scores.

You can play the Flappy Bird game with your classmates to see who will master the game faster. So hurry up to become the winner of the legendary game.There are also many different variations of the game, but it is better to choose the classic one because it is the original version of the game.


Pac-Man is pretty similar to the snake but yet different. You win in a Pac-mac game if you manage to stay afloat and keep eating the fruits and dots. You will need to hide from the ghosts and gain as many points as possible.

This is one of the super popular best computer games to play at school that can be found in lots of variations. Pac-Man is one of the first Japanese video games, and it is still famous.

Yes, listening to the pleasant sound of eating fruits and dots can bring lots of satisfaction, but you should better turn the sound off when you play on the school computer or on the phone.


Everyone knows the Tetris game, but you don’t need to bring the whole Tetris game to school because there are many options to play Tetris online. You will need to get different shapes to match without reaching the top of the screen. This game is also pretty engaging and interesting. The game can be easily found online and played with no sound at all.

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