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10 Highest-Rated MMOs

MMOs command an enormous online following. Millions of people log on to play their favorite games with friends from all over the world. And yet, for the uninitiated newcomer, these games can be intimidating.

Where should you start? In this article, we look at the top 10 highest-rated MMOs!

What is an MMO?

An MMO is an abbreviation for “Massive Multiplayer Online game.” While the games often feature a fantasy backdrop, there are literally thousands of variations that include options for everyone.

The definition is a little flexible. For example, Fortnite is a popular online multiplayer game, but it isn’t “massive.” The maps are self-contained, and the player quantities are capped at 100.

Online gaming has boomed as the internet continues to develop. Gamers are now able to enjoy a variety of their favorite games whenever they want. Many are enjoying traditional gaming experiences, while others play online roulette, as they look to enhance their passion for casino gaming and play with others. However, it could be argued no game type is as popular as MMOs partially because of their accessibility. In fact, while MMOs are strongly associated with computer gaming, they can also be played on major consoles, including the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

The Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online cemented itself as a fan favorite for its splendid rendering of Middle Earth. While it lacks the technical brilliance of some of the other games on our list, it earns its spot for delivering a hearty dose of nostalgia for any LoTR fan who needs it.

The game allows you to explore familiar settings, interact with favorite characters, and experience Middle Earth as a vibrant setting populated by other players from all over the world.

Elder Scrolls Online

While some fans have been eagerly awaiting the next Elder Scrolls game (for what, like ten years now?), fans of MMOs have been playing away at the Elder Scrolls Online, players celebrate the game for its sprawling maps and its frequent updates that often take players to familiar locations from the main series.

Miss Morrowind and its weird mushroom trees? This is the game for you.

Final Fantasy XI

Ancient by MMO standards, Final Fantasy XI first dropped back in 2002. The game is clunky by modern sensibilities and certainly nothing to write home about in the graphics department. For all that, however, it remains a fan favorite to a small but dedicated group of gamers who continue to launch campaigns.

Time to dust off your retro console.

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online first dropped just over ten years ago, tantalizing fans with a simple promise: You can be the hero you always dreamed of.

Untitled design

The game’s world is full of exciting maps and overpowered superheroes (and villains, of course). Free to play, the game continues to get updates even a decade after its initial release. Just recently, “Flashpoint” dropped—tying into the DCU’s new storyline trajectory.

Eve Online

First published back in 2003, the Eve Online community remains strong. Not only do people enjoy the game mechanics of this free-to-play RPG, but they also enjoy the sense of comradery that seems to be baked in.

The game has made headlines for everything from touching Stephen Hawking tributes to being a dependable location to get Covid-19 research facts.

Fallout 76

Though the game got off to a clunky start with mechanical issues and payment structuring problems turning many early adopters off, it seems to have finally hit its stride. Featuring a vibrant community and large, familiar worlds, Fallout 76 is a popular entry in the series.

Some online players get creative. A theatre troupe has famously taken to hosting Shakespeare plays within the game. The threat of mutant intrusion is sure to smooth out the boring parts of Romeo and Juliet.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Knights of the Old Republic games (published circa 2003) remain enshrined in fan lore as not only two of the best Star Wars games of all time but also two of the strongest RPGs to ever get made.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic follows up on the storyline of the earlier games, giving fans a chance to customize their character and explore faraway galaxies.

Guild Wars 2

The Guild Wars franchise was among the first MMOs to do away with monthly fees. They continue in this tradition, providing fans with an accessible and exciting world to explore and do battle in.

Like most healthy MMOs, it remains a work in process. New updates and expansions are constantly being added, so check in regularly.

World of Warcraft

What? You thought we weren’t going to mention it? For better or worse, WoW remains the most famous MMO of all time. After twenty years of updates and expansions, it’s a massive world that still provides plenty of excitement to the willing player, especially if they follow important rules when playing the game against others.

Blizzard hasn’t made the best headlines in the last few years, and there are other games with less baggage. Still, WoW is an important MMO.


You don’t get much more classic than Runescape. The MMO first launched more than twenty years ago and currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest and most updated video game of all time.

While the game doesn’t impress graphically, it continues to draw fans for its open world and its tremendous adventures and can be played on mobile.

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