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The Thrill of Swiping – Effects of Gamifying Dating Apps

You cannot truly appreciate the value of a dating app until you understand dating as a concept. Human beings might be complex, but they need each other for friendship and love. How they interact and communicate continues to evolve, but at the moment, it seems people can’t get enough of dating apps.

Understanding Traditional Dating

There was a time when people met their life partners on their wedding day. All the heavy lifting was done by the parents, and the young couple had to learn to love each other. Although consent was not really part of the process, the job got done.

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Can’t seem to keep your finger from swiping?


As society became more progressive, matchmakers had a lot more to work with. People were more particular about the qualities of a good partner. They included health, age, education, and personality. Physical matchmakers also offer more than a connection. They will coach you on self-confidence, self-esteem, how to date, and what to wear on first dates.

When the Matchmaker is Invisible

Matchmakers have been around for centuries, and they are still an important part of the dating industry. The modern matchmaker has more to offer, and they incorporate modern technology and science in their practice. But can they really compete with the internet? Dating agencies are slower since you can only match with one date at a time. In addition, they tend to be very costly.

That would explain the ever-increasing popularity of online dating platforms. They are more accessible and cheaper, and they offer a bottomless dating pool. In addition, you can use as many dating apps as you want. Dating apps are constantly updating to keep up with the evolving technology. You can now enjoy cooler features, better communication tools, and faster services. But there is one particular concept that keeps us all glued to our screens-swiping

The Dating Game

In the decade since Tinder was launched, it’s had over half a billion downloads and over 70 million monthly users. The app is available in over 190 countries and in over 40 languages. But why is it such a hit?

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Gamifying social and dating apps makes them more interactive


Well, the devil is always in the detail – the swipe feature. It simplifies the online dating experience by turning it into a game. Swiping allows you to go through your match suggestions faster. Swiping right on a profile translates to yes, while swiping left means no. The profile on display has a picture, name, age, and location. Not only is this fun, but swiping is compulsive. The gamification of a dating app is mental gameplay that hits your brain with feel-good hormones. According to one of Tinder’s co-founders, swiping releases dopamine which is the chemical responsible for pleasure. This can keep you hooked to the app for hours. But how exactly does this work?

Swiping operates on the concept of a variable reward schedule. Matching with someone on a dating app is an unpredictable reward, and this, in turn, floods you with a healthy dose of dopamine and adrenaline. Using the apps more adapts your brain to the unpredictability of the system, and this will preemptively reward the risk. Endless scrolling puts your brain in a feedback loop, and it can anticipate and reward your exposure to the risk. This sense of reward will have you seeking more so you can experience the ‘high’ again.

The Butterfly Effect

With Tinder being the most popular dating app in the United States, it’s natural that other platforms would want to adopt the most successful strategy. The swiping technology is a neuro-chemical concept that enables fast decision-making amongst users. It only takes a few seconds to decide which direction to swipe, and you don’t have to look through profiles unless you really like someone.

According to studies, people using dating apps are more likely to make diverse and varied matches. That is why online dating has led to an increase in interracial marriages and same-sex relationships. You can’t deny it; swiping on dating apps creates more exposure and relationship opportunities for marginalized groups. The gamification of a dating app helps to increase the activity on the platform.

There has been an increasing rise in niche apps, especially those that cater to the LGBTQ community. Taimi is a great dating app, and you can try this platform if you’re looking for an exclusive yet sexually diverse community. It is important to know that too many options can be overwhelming, and sometimes it might be impossible to make a decision.

So, unless you’re just swiping for the thrill, it is important to limit your pool of match suggestions. If you lack the discipline to pull away from your screen, opt for a dating app that limits your suggestions, such as Coffee Meets Bagel.


Naturally, there is an upside and a downside to every opportunity. So, take the time to understand how dating apps work and how it affects your life. Learning how to interact with dating apps in a healthy manner reflects on how you interact with match suggestions and potential dates.

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