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The investment from Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed

Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed have come together to launch a $100 million fund dedicated to blockchain gaming. This strategic investment will target gaming companies leveraging blockchain technology to create new experiences.

Their goal is to build a network of industry experts, developers, and entrepreneurs to drive new business models and innovation in the space. This fund is an exciting opportunity for blockchain gaming companies to accelerate their growth.

Introduction to Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed

Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed are three prominent investor groups in the technology and innovation space. Solana Ventures is a venture capital firm that supports start-ups focused on software, mobile, and cloud technologies. Led by Alex Fernandez, FTX is an investment firm specialising in blockchain technology companies. Finally, Lightspeed Venture Partners is a leading venture capital firm with experience investing in early stage startups from concept to market with a focus on disruptive ideas.

Solana Ventures has invested in over 50 companies including Clarifai, Rethink Robotics and Thumbtack. Through these investments Solana Ventures has helped foster innovation within the tech sector and aid in job creation for talented individuals.

FTX is an investment firm specialising in blockchain technology companies worldwide. The firm has stakes in emerging global startups like BitGo, Blockstream and Coinbase. In addition, FTX makes significant private equity investments into exchange traded funds (ETFs). This type of ETF investing allows investors to diversify their portfolios with solid picks while gaining access to active management of their assets.

Lightspeed Venture Partners’ mission is to partner with entrepreneurs who are creating game-changing technologies that are helping to re-imagine how we work and live our lives today. They have also partnered with a Number of prominent start-ups including AppDirect, Mindy Project Technologies, Comply Sciences and Kaia Health among many others across various industries including healthcare, education and financial services. Their expansive portfolio includes more than 200 successful investments since 2000 that have collectively exceeded 10 billion dollars generated at exit by its entrepreneurs across different sectors/geographies/categories around the globe.

Details of the $100 million blockchain gaming fund

Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed Venture Partners recently announced a new venture capital fund dedicated to blockchain gaming and digital asset projects. The $100 million fund will be focused on investments in nascent technologies related to the rapidly emerging blockchain gaming sector. This innovative fund can dramatically accelerate the growth of new gaming studios, enabling them to scale their operations while also creating the opportunity for more substantial deals in the sector.

The three investors each have different expertise within the blockchain gaming space—Solana Ventures has deep expertise in game development and token economics with first-hand experience as a game studio; FTX is a leading retail crypto exchange; and Lightspeed Venture Partners is considered one of the most successful VC’s focusing on early stage internet/software-as-a-service startups. With these complementary skill sets, this consortium of investors provides an ideal blend of resources to support an array of emergent technology platforms in blockchain gaming.

The specific projects that this fund will target are still being defined; however, this initiative could help foster further maturation in areas such as virtual asset acquisition models, true interoperability between games, non-fungible token (NFT) design mechanics, virtual world economies, tokenized rewards systems and platform governance protocols. Ultimately, this new fund can help pave the way for transforming how gamers interact in fully digital worlds powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed launch $100 million blockchain gaming fund

Solana Ventures is a venture capital firm that recently launched a $100 million blockchain gaming fund with partners FTX and Lightspeed. This fund is designed to help accelerate the uptake of blockchain gaming and provide investment capital for developers and game publishers.

As one of the leading investors in the sector, Solana Ventures has a wealth of experience and knowledge in blockchain gaming. So let’s explore what this fund has to offer.

Overview of Solana Ventures

Solana Ventures is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco, specialising in seed and early-stage investments in artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and enterprise software. Founded in 2017 by ex-Google executive Bharathram Thothadri and Josh Tonsfeldt of Venrock, Solana has quickly become one of Silicon Valley’s premier early-stage venture firms.

Solana Ventures provides capital and expertise to entrepreneurs wanting to start a business. The firm focuses on identifying exceptional entrepreneurs with ambitious mission statements who are willing to set bold goals but also appreciate the importance of gathering key data points before making decisions.

The firm also offers operational advice from experienced professionals who have gone through the startup process. Solana’s team comprises knowledgeable engineers, business professionals and investors who have advised hundreds of successful companies across sectors including SaaS, AI-driven products, transportation software and digital health solutions.

By providing strategic access to leading executives as well as resources such as data analysis tools and engineering advice, Solana accelerates startups’ progress by ensuring they move smartly towards market entry or reception of further funding rounds.

Previous investments

Solana Ventures is a venture capital fund that has invested in various projects worldwide, from early-stage startups to mature companies. Its portfolio of companies ranges from state-of-the-art technologies in cutting edge sectors like Cloud Infrastructure, Autonomous Transportation and Machine Learning to Day 1 investments in emerging markets like India, China and SouthEast Asia.

The previously announced investments by Solana Ventures include funding rounds for innovative projects such as 8×8 by Arista Networks, Intertops by blockchain technology company Litecoin (LTC), Veeva Systems by technology giant Oracle (ORCL) and ClariFi by natural language understanding specialist Brinc.

In addition to these investments, Solana Ventures has also made significant investments in disruptive technologies such as crypto derivatives exchange FTX, crypto payment solution provider Crypterium and custodian solutions provider Trustology as part of its recent investment round with Lightspeed Venture Partners. This upcoming round focuses on developing high quality protocols and utilities within the decentralised finance ecosystem, further positioning Solana Ventures firmly at the forefront of transformational blockchain innovation.

Current investments

Solana Ventures is an early-stage venture firm founded in 2020, focused on creating the future of digital infrastructure and decentralised financial services. We invest in pre-seed, seed and series A rounds led by trailblazing founders. Since inception, we have invested in companies specialising in areas such as blockchain technology, digital assets, derivatives markets, payments and lending, and other cutting-edge technologies that will help shape the future of finance.

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Some of our current investments include:

  • FTX: a global market for cryptocurrency and derivatives trading
  • Unbound: a platform for decentralised trading with zero custody fees
  • Stoqo: providing access to investments across the global equity markets via rich data analytics and portfolio insights
  • Roboyo: a mobile based banking platform that offers a frictionless banking experience
  • Chainalysis: an anti money laundering toolkit used to detect illegal financial activity
  • Bidali Payments: streamline online payments with Bitcoin or fiat currencies.
  • Lightspeed Venture Partners: provides venture capital services such as strategic planning and business development to fast growing startups


FTX, Solana Ventures, and Lightspeed have announced the launch of a $100 million blockchain gaming fund. This fund will invest in developing gaming projects that use blockchain technology to provide a more secure, faster, and decentralised gaming experience.

The fund’s creators believe that introducing blockchain technology into gaming projects can provide a more efficient and secure gaming experience that can improve the user experience.

Let’s explore the details of the fund and its implications for the gaming industry.

Overview of FTX

FTX is a crypto derivatives exchange founded by Sam Bankman-Fried in May 2019. It is an up-and-coming platform that allows users to trade various digital assets. FTT is the native token fueling the platform, and its primary purpose is to be used as collateral for trading options or futures contracts on the exchange.

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The FTX platform offers futures, spot trading, options, margin trading, OTC desks, perpetual swap contracts and leveraged tokens. Transactions on the exchange are said to be much faster than competing platforms due to its reliance on Solana’s blockchain technology.

FTX has proven popular among traders by providing innovative products compared to other platforms. For example, it boasts a large selection of cryptocurrency pairs along with industry-leading order execution speeds of 30 ms or lower. The FTX team have also secured key partnership deals with some of the most prominent names in the cryptocurrency industry such as Solana Ventures, FTX and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Previous investments

FTX is a crypto derivatives exchange platform founded by Sam Bankman-Fried. The platform includes various services including derivative trading and liquidity solutions for institutional traders. Its founding team is composed of alumnis from leading organisations such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Oracle and more.

FTX has received funding from venture capital firms such as Solana Ventures, FTX and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Their first round of funding was raised in June 2019 during Series A with $8 million from investors like Multicoin Capital, Digital Currency Group and CoinBase Ventures. Series B followed shortly after that with total investments reaching $20 million from places like Atomico Ventures, Susquehanna International Group, Waypoint Capital and more. The Series C followed soon afterwards with a total investment of $36 million by Paradigm Capital and other investors in November 2020. This investment enabled FTX to become one of the world’s leading crypto derivatives exchanges in terms of liquidity, capital raising capabilities & user base growth rate.

Current investments

Solana Ventures, FTX and Lightspeed Venture Partners have invested in a total of 45 companies which are based in the US and other countries. These companies include consumer technology startups, cloud providers, healthcare firms, retail/grocery startups, developer tools and services, and AI-enabled machine learning technologies. The companies span industries such as e-commerce, consumer products & services, travel & hospitality, software services & identity & security to gaming & entertainment.

Solana Ventures and FTX have invested in startups that are developing innovative technologies and products to improve customer experience or enable product market transformation. Some of the highlights from their portfolio include:

  • Autopilot: Automation Platform for marketers and developers
  • Mighty AI: Platform for AI/ML training data development
  • Tunity: Audio streaming service for live audio events
  • Veemo: Ride hailing bikes integrated with a payments platform
  • Minibar Delivery: On demand grocery delivery service
  • Taos Mountain: Cloud-based platform for internet of things

The investments Lightspeed has made are focused on early stage companies ranging from seed funding to Series B deals across the United States and other countries. Some of their more popular portfolio companies include Eaze Solutions (cannabis delivery), ClassPass (fitness membership), Ellevest (disrupting financial services for women) , JauntVR (virtual reality experiences), Cloud Butler (cloud management) , Zola (online registry).


Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed have announced the launch of a $100 million blockchain gaming fund. The fund is designed to invest in blockchain-based gaming projects, and will focus on companies in the gaming and blockchain space.

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The fund is a partnership between Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed and will be managed by seasoned venture capitalists from all three firms. But, first, let’s take a closer look at the details of this investment.

Overview of Lightspeed

Lightspeed is a blockchain-powered financial technology platform revolutionising the way capital is bought and sold in global markets. Founded in 2019 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, Lightspeed provides a secure, efficient, and reliable digital marketplace to seamlessly connect capital on its platform regardless of geography or market capitalization.

The main features of Lightspeed are its high speed transfer of funds and optimised trading infrastructure, leading to better overall efficiency. The platform promises more than 1000x faster transaction speeds than most traditional methods, making global investments accessible to everyone. In addition, with its multi-strategy capabilities, users can trade across different asset classes and generate maximum returns while minimising risk.

In November 2020, Lightspeed closed a $20 million seed round led by Solana Ventures with participation from leading players such as FTX and Lightspeed Ventures. The investment will be used for product development, engineering talent attraction and marketing campaigns to further accelerate the mission of making financial services globally accessible with blockchain technology at the core.

Previous investments

Lightspeed is a venture capital firm backed by Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed. Founded in 2000, Lightspeed has grown to become one of the foremost investment companies in the world, with over $4 billion in current and prior investments.

Among their notable prior investments are Walmart eCommerce, Snapchat, Nest Labs (now owned by Google), AppDynamics (now owned by Cisco), GrubHub (which acquired Seamless), AppDirect, and CloudFlare. They have also played a role in developing Twitch Interactive, Zulily (acquired by QVC), Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine, Poshmark Inc., Global Stone Management Systems Inc., Duo Security (acquired by Cisco) as well as numerous other promising start-ups. Additionally they have invested in infrastructure services such as Nutanix, Workday Technologies and Splunk.

Lightspeed has also invested into many early stage companies such as Uptake Technologies (backed by former Vice President Al Gore), Soylent Industries Ltd., Evernote Corporation, Dubset Media Networks LLC., Coinbase Inc., Plaid Technologies LLC among many others. They have also invested into energy and green technology markets including BrightSource Energy Inc., On Deck Capital Inc., Brightbox Systems LLC and SolarCity Corporation (later acquired by Tesla Motors).

Current investments

The current set of investments that Lightspeed is actively involved in includes some of the most renowned and innovative startups from around the world. From app-based events platform Eventbrite to creative commerce platform Shopify, from fashion rental company Le Tote to online tutoring firm TutorMe – Lightspeed is an active investor for various cutting-edge digital companies.

In addition, Lightspeed has invested in several crypto and blockchain related companies, users of its trading products including cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX, asset management products provider BitGo and decentralised finance (DeFi) platform Maker. Furthermore, Lightspeed was also an early investor in Aurora Innovation, a major self-driving car startup recently receiving major funding from Amazon. In addition to these startups, Lightspeed has invested in other emerging ventures such as virtual reality company Oculus VR, streaming entertainment service Hulu and media analytics firm Hootsuite.

Lightspeed’s investment portfolio also includes green technology companies such as electric scooter sharing service Bird and solar energy financiers SunRun. Furthermore, it is involved with biotechnology firms focused on developing better treatments for cancer such as GRAIL and biotech start-up Sana Biotechnology backed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Impact of the Investment

Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed have partnered to launch a $100 million blockchain gaming fund to invest in game projects and projects related to digital assets.

This influx of capital has the potential to have a huge impact on the gaming industry with new projects and innovative ideas.

In this article, we will dive into the potential impact of the massive investment.

Impact on the blockchain gaming industry

The investment from Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed Venture Partners is set to greatly increase opportunities and drive innovation in the blockchain gaming industry. By bringing together the resources of dedicated venture capital firms and the expertise of leading industry players, a substantial amount of capital is expected to be unlocked for developing new blockchain games that can have a major impact on the gaming landscape.

The investment will most likely provide companies with a better platform to create their projects by offering more financing options and necessary resources such as technology and talent. This could open up the possibility for more ambitious projects that had previously been too costly or complicated to implement without such an injection of capital. Furthermore, it could allow startups to enter the space who may otherwise not have had means or access to enter so easily.

Moreover, since Solana Ventures and FTX are two platforms with strong ties in the decentralised finance (DeFi) sector, this could also be an opportunity for tokenized gaming approaches to become increasingly popular within blockchain gaming ecosystems. In addition, this could pave the way for innovative funding mechanisms if companies can create new ways of achieving tokenization through DeFi platforms like Uniswap or 1 inch Exchange.

With blockchain gaming technology already gaining significant traction, this latest move from Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed marks a major milestone towards mainstream Blockchain adoption within this sector which could potentially open up new revenue streams and game changing potential across industries.

Impact on existing and new companies

The influx of capital from venture capital firms such as Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed to the digital asset ecosystem has ushered in a new era of competition. This investment is transforming the structure and competitive dynamics of the market, creating opportunities for existing and new companies.

For existing companies, these investments improve access to resources—especially around technology and hiring—and allow them to scale their operations quickly. This allows them to disrupt incumbents or expand into adjacent markets and revenue streams while ensuring they remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

New companies can now enter the market unfettered by legacy systems; with a minimum viable product (MVP) mentality required, it’s easier than ever for innovative startups to take root with plausible business models backed by capital from an experienced investor base. In addition to access to highly sought-after talent pools and resources, these organisations can also leverage connections made through venture capitalists who understand their project’s advantages in advantageous ways that would be impossible for most organisations.

The impact of this influx of capital should not be underestimated — it has opened the door for vibrant ecosystems full of players ready to take on incumbent industries. With ample venture capital funding, we are likely to see increased competition across all product areas and a variety of exciting new projects delivered into the digital asset space.

Impact on the wider blockchain industry

The investment from Solana Ventures, FTX and Lightspeed have piqued the interest of many institutional investors and venture capitalists in the blockchain industry. This follows a larger trend of major financial institutions moving into blockchain investments, including the recent announcements from Fidelity and Goldman Sachs.

The increased capital from these major investors has already had a positive effect on the wider blockchain sector. These investments allow for more innovative projects to be realised and offer developers access to powerful tools like tokenized assets, faster consensus protocols, specialised compute sharding services, layer 2 networks, security enhancements and more.

In addition to increased funding for blockchain-focused companies and products, these investments herald broader acceptance for digital assets among mainstream investors as well as potential opportunities for gaining greater legitimacy in the eyes of regulators which could play an important role in bringing new participants into the space — whether through merchant adoption or investing by traditional financial focuses. It could also lead to further technological advances driving use cases such as decentralised finance applications (DeFi).

These investments have been roundly welcomed by the projects they’ve backed, signalling that institutional investment is here to stay — especially given recent comments from large banks such as JP Morgan. Moreover, the influx of capital has solidified blockchain-related technology as a source of positive capital growth across many industries beyond traditional asset classes like stocks or bonds.

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