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4 Games to Make Your Website Stand Out

If you use a website for your business, you’ve probably wondered how to make your website stand out from the crowd. The key to attracting attention, of course, is simply to be yourself. Your website needs to be a reflection of you, something honest and natural.

If you’re a gamer, then that’s what your website needs – games.

However, if the game is taking your visitors away from your site, that’s not ideal. So, you’ll need to embed the game into your website. But there’s a bigger problem to solve than that.

What game should you add? Here are four surefire classics which will match perfectly with just about any website you can imagine.

Custom Solitaire

That’s right – look no further than the reliable old classic solitaire. A quick scroll through all the free games available will show that there’s an infinite selection of wild and wacky games for you to try. However, something as easy and beloved as solitaire is generally a better bet than something more obscure. Besides, just about everyone knows how to play solitaire.

A custom solitaire game allows users to make their own decks and customize colors and brands. It can be a great way to advertise your business without even trying. If you want to add solitaire to your website, you can embed it with a simple HTML code.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooters are another customizable option. These simple games come in a variety of different themes and colors, with almost infinite levels to pass and goals to reach.

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Almost like a reverse Tetris, bubble shooting games are simple, fun, and oddly relaxing.


When in doubt, stick with the classics. While chess is certainly more difficult to play well than bubble shooting games and solitaire, this timeless game of strategy and skill is popular for a reason. Customizable chess boards are also available.


If word games are more your style, you’ll want to have to scrabble on your website. It can be played as a multiplayer game or against the computer itself. Scrabble is less relaxing than bubble shooting games or solitaire – although that might depend on what you consider relaxing – and it’s an easy game that everyone knows how to play. Different levels of difficulty may be available, which will allow players to choose how much of a brain teaser they want their game to be.

What If None of These Games Suit Me?

If you don’t want chess, bubble shooting games, or solitaire on your website, don’t worry. There’s an endless list of possibilities – boggle, poker, mahjong, draughts, and much, much more.

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The beauty of simple, classic games like this is that they’re usually free to download and use, and they’re familiar to just about everyone.

Additionally, downloading a game of solitaire isn’t going to break anyone’s computer, unlike some complex modern PC games. Simple games are easier to customize and can be adjusted to fit the look of your website.

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