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Getting an Achieve Ahead of the Curve in Game World of Warcraft

In Game World of Warcraft, there are a lot of achievements. Although, for example, personal for a single character, achievements are general, that is, for the entire account or for numerous aspects of the game. Achievements also vary in difficulty, going up to very difficult ones to complete.

One of the most valuable types of achievements is considered to be the one that is limited in time. Such a little, by how much ahead of the curve boost and separately for PvE. Related achievements with PvE – this is Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge. Therefore the service boosting of these achievements is in high demand among the players, and everyone wants to have especially Ahead of the Curve.

AotC WoW (Ahead of the Curve)

AotC WoW (Ahead of the Curve) is a shared achievement for the entire player account. AotC was awarded for winning the battle with the last boss of the current raid. This happens exactly in heroic mode until the next update or until the achievement is removed. That is, to get the achievement, you need to hit a powerful team of players. Everyone must contribute to the victory and inflict damage. It sounds simple, but the difficulty lies precisely in the possibility of getting into such a strong team.

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Ahead of the Curve boost in demand because receiving an invitation to the group LFG in Dragonflight is almost impossible without AotC. Furthermore, groups are only looking for players with experience in the current raid. Ahead of the Curve boost allows you to bypass the boring and difficult part of the game, then enjoy the gameplay in the raid. After receiving Ahead of the Curve, The player is given the following rewards:

· The achievement itself in the “Feats of Strength” category, it is without additional points, but it is common for all characters

· Another award is mounts

· Unique vehicle

· And, of course, angry from the raid.

Strategies of Other Players

It is very difficult to get into a group of strong players, but there are some ways that will increase the chances of this. For example, you can be a warlock and just wait until one of the teams decides that it is better to take a hero without an achievement than to wait for a hero with an achievement.

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Run raids with friends or join a guild whose goal is to achieve AotC. Although guilds often deceive players here, there is a high probability of getting into weak heroes. Therefore, players, in general, are advised to be honest. If someone has no raiding experience, they should report it. This, though, will not come as a surprise at the most difficult moment in the raid, and the players will help each other, knowing the level of training and equipment.

In favor of the player is also the presence of a fresh Heroic pug (Heroic pug). And, of course, you should spend a huge amount of gold on inventory. This greatly increases the chance of being invited to the group.

But even these methods do not guarantee achievement because some players can’t get it for several months. That’s why they use the Ahead of the Curve boost.

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