Updated Sims 4 Death Cheats for 2023: How to Kill a Sim with

Looking for an updated list of Sims 4 death cheats for 2023? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to kill a Sim in the game, including all the latest cheat codes!

Our Top Death Cheats Sims 4 Codes To Experiment With

Death may be a vital element of Sims 4 gameplay, and with the appropriate hack codes, it can be fast and simple. We’ve collected a list of the finest death hacks for Sims 4 that will enable you to kill off your Sims without having to wait for them to age or suffer from a lengthy sickness. You may use these hack codes to instantaneously murder any Sim of your choice.

The following death tricks are accessible in Sims 4:

  • Death. Toggle – toggles a Sim between life and death.
  • Death. Occult – selects an occult form of death for the chosen Sim, such as angel of death or vampire attack; both of which need the command ‘deathtype’ before execution.
  • Death. Force – a cheat code that will force a Sim to die by drowning or burning up in fire, depending on the activity they were doing when you entered in the code.


Finally, the Sims 4 Tricks for 2023 let users to easily murder their Sims by using a number of cheats. To instantaneously kill a Sim, players may use the testingcheats command or the ‘bb.kill’ cheat code. Other tricks include modifying the manner of death, raising or reducing motivation and connection levels, and even going to various places inside the game world. All of these tricks allow gamers to control their Sim’s life and death in whatever manner they like.

Furthermore, there are a number of modding tools that can be used in conjunction with the Sims 4 cheat codes to boost their efficacy and give even more choices for influencing death in the game.

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