Updated Sims 4 Tattoos: CC & Mods for 2023

Looking for the best Sims 4 tattoos? Check out our updated list for 2023, featuring CC & mods for a variety of different styles and designs.


This article will show you how to give your Sim tattoos in The Sims 4. This contains both custom content (CC) and modifications developed by exceptional community builders. We’ll also look at tattoos available for The Sims 4 in 2021, as well as the finest modifications for making realistic-looking tattoos.

We’ll start by looking at the various methods for adding additional tattoos to your Sim’s body. Tattoo CC comes in two varieties: static graphics and animated tattoos that move with your Sim’s bodily motions. In addition to this, we discuss a few methods for creating personalized tattoos using third-party applications like Photoshop or a generator like Tattoo Generator.

We next go through the many modifications that are presently available for adding realistic-looking tattoos to your Sims. We provide some of our favorite modifications developed by great modders from across the globe, as well as some advice on how to pick the right sort of mod for your project.

Finally, we address upgrading current tattoo material for The Sims 4 in 2021 – what has changed since The Sims 4’s debut in 2014?

What are Sims 4 Tattoos?

Sims 4 tattoos, commonly known as body art, are cosmetic items that enable you to alter the overall look of your sims. They can be bought in-game, but there are also custom content and modification options for them. Tattoos range in size and style, from small basic motifs to bigger, more detailed ones. They are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Tattoos in The Sims 4 may be applied to either a male or female sim’s body, although they cannot be tied to existing clothing items or otherwise modified. Depending on the tattoo, you may have extra choices for size, scale, and location on the body, which will display in an in-game menu before applying it.

Where to Find CC and Mods

Custom Content, shortened to CC,” and changes, or “mods,” are vital for providing a unique gameplay experience for Sims 4 fans. Mods provide you access to additional or expanded features such as extra qualities or even new locales, while CC lets you to modify everything from clothes and cosmetics to furniture and items. Fortunately, discovering both sorts of information is simpler than ever.

Users may obtain CC and modifications for free from websites such as Mod the Sims and The Sims Resource. Furthermore, dedicated YouTubers often upload videos with tips on how to install various CC or modifications into your game. These are particularly useful if you’re having difficulty getting a piece of content to perform correctly. Additionally, joining The Sims Subreddit – an online community full of like-minded gamers who exchange ideas and insights with one another – is a terrific way to keep up to date on the newest CC and mod releases.

Sims 4 Studio

Sims 4 Studio is a free and easy-to-use program that enables users to create custom content and modifications for The Sims 4. This program allows you to add unique tattoos, haircuts, clothes, and accessories, among other things. It is simple to use and has a vast community of active users who often share their works. The Sims 4 Studio also has an official forum where users can ask questions, exchange lessons, and get help with the program.

There are also several third-party tools available that enable gamers to further personalize their gameplay by including changes such as lighting effects, new characters, or modifying the geography inside the game. Overall, The Sims 4 Studio allows players to create original content for their game or acquire pre-made modifications from other members to bring an added layer of fun and individuality to their The Sims 4 experience.

The Sims Resource

The Sims Resource is a prominent website devoted to The Sims 4 custom content and modifications. They just published a new set of Dark Elf Skin Tones to improve the authenticity of the game’s Elvish characters. This collection of eight unique skins was created with a focus on variety and variance in mind. You may use these tools to build elven characters with skin tones ranging from light tan to deep brown, each with minor variations in tone and undertones.

For extra authenticity, all skins have all-natural hair hues ranging from light blond to pitch black, as well as scars, tattoos, and body marks. Other custom stuff available from The Sims Resource includes:

  • Clothing sets
  • Furniture components
  • Cosmetics styles

With their assistance, you may design one-of-a-kind elvish characters that will stand out in your virtual environment.

Mod the Sims

Mod the Sims is an online site that offers downloadable custom material built exclusively for the Sims 4 game. This means that players may now access and download modifications such as tattoos, hair, clothing, furniture, and other items that were previously inaccessible in the original game. Mods may improve the game experience or just allow users to create a more personalized experience for their Sim character.

Aside from tattoos, there are modifications for cats and dogs that might enable you adopt a pet in your game. The Animal Adoption Center Mod enables players to adopt pets from adoption centers, exactly as in real life, rather than purchasing them from shops. Players may also adjust adoption costs, choose from six different kinds of cats or dogs, personalize the pet’s name, gender, or color, and select a photo frame for it.

How to Install Tattoos

Installing tattoos in The Sims 4 is a terrific way to personalize your Sims and make them stand out. This beginner’s tutorial will show you how to add tattoos to the game.

To begin, you must need a tattoo custom content CC file or a mod file. These may be found on famous Sims websites such as and TheSimsResource. Once you’ve obtained your files, launch the game and go to the Gallery “menu. You may import your CC/mod files here by choosing them and pressing the import button “.

Simply choose one of your sims and click on the Design button to apply the tattoos 💉 icon in the screen’s bottom left corner. Choose Makeup and choose one of your imported tattoos from the list of alternatives. And there you have it – you now know how to apply tattoos in The Sims 4.

Download the CC or Mod

Downloading the CC Custom Content or mod for 3D lashes on Sims 4 is the best approach to acquire realistic and gorgeous eyelashes. CC gives users access to a wide range of items, including clothes, hairstyles, accessories, and much more. However, before downloading any 3D lashes in Sims 4 stuff, bear in mind that certain modifications and CC may have possible difficulties.

  • Compatibility is one such problem; certain CC or mod downloads may not be compatible with all Sims 4 versions. It is usually advised that you verify the compatibility information of the item you want to download before doing so. This might help you prevent unpleasant surprises or unexpected difficulties while installing the CC or mod.
  • Another possibility is incorrect data It is critical to ensure that your download of the CC or sex Mods is complete before beginning installation, as incomplete downloads might result in unexpected errors and compatibility concerns.

Extract the File

The extraction of the file is a necessary step in installing the Eye Modifying Mod (EMM) in the Sims 4 game. It is the process of unpacking or decompressing a compressed file, such as a ZIP or RAR file, so that it may be utilized. Entering the right path to retrieve and unpack a file is required while extracting it.

For example, if you downloaded the EMM mod onto your computer, you will need to find its zipped file and open it using an extraction application such as WinRAR. When you open it, you will discover many files within, all of which must be put in your modifications folder, which is located inside your Sims 4 game folder. You are now ready to install and use this Eye Modifying Mod for your Sims 4 game after successfully extracting these files from their packed versions and placing them into your game folder.

Place the File in the Mods Folder

To install custom sliders for The Sims 4, store the downloaded files in the Mods folder. Players must find the electronic arts folder inside their documents and then the Sims 4 folder within that folder. They must then access the Mods folder and import the files for their own sliders. It is critical that just ONE package file per slider be brought in at a time to prevent collisions or corruption of game data.

Furthermore, if any custom sliders are introduced after a patch or update, it is critical that all packages be updated as well, since this might cause instability and crashes. Once all of these processes have been done properly and without error, gamers should be able to start utilizing their new The Sims 4 custom sliders.

Best Sims 4 Tattoos

Sims 4 tattoos are a terrific way to personalize your sims and make them stand out. Tattoos come in a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, from real-life tattoo artists to fandom artists, and from subtle to overt.

The Sims 4 modification community offers it everything, whether you want a traditional tribal appearance or something more edgy and distinctive like a skull or rose.

Tattoos are simple to install; just download the modifications and store them in your Sims 4 mods folder. Here are some of our favorite Sims 4 tattoos we discovered on the internet:

  • Rose Face Tattoos
  • Wolf Moon Tattoos
  • Cola Bottle Cap Necklace Tattoos
  • Checkered Bear Necklace Tattoos
  • and more designs are available.

Your sims will stand out among their friends with these great tattoos.

Classic Tattoos

Classic tattoos are the classic designs that have become hugely recognized in the field of body art. Classic sailor tattoos, military symbols, and striking black and grey motifs are among the timeless trends. Classic Tattoos occur in many various forms and sizes, from deep meaning to just a means of self-expression, but are always highly recognized for their rich intricacies and craftsmanship.

Vintage style pin-up ladies, flowers, skulls, and anchors are among the most popular classic tattoo designs. These eternal works of ink are sometimes used to pay respect to a specific person or memory in one’s life. Classic tattoos may be mixed with current components to create a one-of-a-kind appearance that represents your uniqueness.

Classic Tattoos will always be an iconic mainstay in the realm of body art, no matter what design you pick.

Realistic Tattoos

Realistic tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs for both men and women. They contain extremely complex designs, frequently incorporating various colors and components that allow them to appear alive thus the moniker ‘realistic’. They’ve become some of the most sought-after works of art in recent years, with the Sims 4 game being a popular destination for aficionados eager to show off their creativity.

From charming animal tattoos to detailed pieces with religious or mythological patterns, The Sims 4 Realistic Tattoos come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. There is something for every taste and style, from flowers to textured ink. For example, blackwork may be a very intricate pattern that seems quite lifelike on a Sim. You may even discover customized choices like glow in the dark ink or metallic tattoo patterns that, when done correctly, provide a whole new level of realism. With so many possibilities accessible online these days, finding a nice item that will make your Sims look beautiful is simple.

Abstract Tattoos

Abstract tattoos, sometimes known as ‘freehand’ tattoos, are simpler than realistic or conventional tattoo designs yet may be just as effective in conveying a message. While these tattoos may not have the same amount of meticulous detail as a genuine tattoo, they are nevertheless personal and significant to the user. Abstract tattoos may be in the shape of a line or a wavy pattern, and they can be made to suit any size and shape on any body area.

Working with an experienced modder or artist who is knowledgeable with Sims CC is a good place to start when solving Sims 4 abstract tattoos. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Make sure your design appears excellent from every angle;
  • Take pauses between trying your designs; and
  • Explore alternative tattoo styles before choosing on one.

With careful planning and attention to detail, you can make one-of-a-kind abstract tattoos for your sims that will last for years.


Sims 4 tattoos are a creative and enjoyable way to personalize your Sims. There are plenty fantastic alternatives available, whether you prefer to download modifications or custom material. If you’re feeling very daring, you can even use the game’s customization capabilities to create your own bespoke creations.

With so many possibilities, it’s simple to select tattoos that complement your Sim’s own style. We hope that this guide has assisted you in locating the greatest Sims 4 tattoos for 2023 and beyond.

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