How to Adopt a Pet in Sims 4: An Updated Guide for 2023

Looking to add a furry friend to your Sims 4 family? Here’s a guide on how to adopt a pet in Sims 4, including what you need to do and what to expect.

How to buy a pet in Sims 4

Purchasing a new Sims 4 pet is an excellent way to inject some fun and excitement into your virtual world. The process of adopting a pet is quite simple, albeit it does need some time and money.

To begin, go to the Design & Buy Mode in construction mode and pick the Stray Animal Center “tab. Cats and dogs may be adopted from the shelter or purchased from the Pet Store. To buy a pet; in 2021, you’ll need Simoleons, which vary in price from § 500 to § 1000 depending on the breed.

When adopting a pet, you will have a variety of breeds, genders, sizes, colors, and personalities to choose from. After you’ve chosen your choice, you’ll be able to name your new companion and equip them. Make sure they get enough of love and attention, which may come in the form of scratching posts and food bowls with frequent meals. Your Sims 4 household will soon have a furry member if you follow these simple procedures.

How to adopt pets Sims 4

Adopting a pet in Sims 4 is a terrific way to bring more life into your Sims’ house while also introducing new challenges, rewards, and connections.

To adopt a pet in Sims 4, you must first go to the vet or a pet shop. These establishments sell a variety of pets, including cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and others. After you’ve picked your pet, you may personalize it with a name, gender, and appearance. You also have the option of having it spayed or neutered. You will be able to bring your new pet home after this is completed.

Having your own pet entails a certain amount of responsibility; you must keep them safe and happy by feeding them on a regular basis and handling their hygienic requirements, such as washing and grooming. It’s also crucial to teach basic instructions so you have more control over them while they’re out in public. Finally, make sure they receive adequate exercise by engaging in activities such as fetch or going for walks around town.

Adopting a pet in Sims 4 is a wonderful way to provide your Sim with an additional source of affection that will improve their life even more.

Sims 4 adopt stray

Players in The Sims 4 may adopt stray pets and add them to their virtual family. This tutorial will instruct you on how to do so.

To begin, although cats and dogs are the only adoptable strays in the game, any Sim may adopt one by clicking on them and choosing the “Adopt Stray” option. The pet may be found at the Sim’s house after adoption.

In addition, players must pay a charge of €500 to cover vaccines, however this price may be waived in exceptional cases. Sims must also feed these creatures on a weekly basis and engage with them on a regular basis in order to care for them. After a given length of time, stray animals may become permanent members of your Sim’s home and live with them. Adoption also unlocks additional activities for your Sims and their pet as they get more acquainted with one another, such as:

  • Playing fetch together
  • Taking their pet for walks around town

How to adopt a dog& Cat in Sims 4

Adopting a pet in The Sims 4 is a fun way to add an additional layer of fun to a player’s game. Adopting a pet might be precisely what you need whether you’re seeking for a faithful friend for your Sims or just want to brighten up an empty house lot.

Adopting a pet in The Sims 4 is a straightforward procedure. To begin, launch the Phone app and pick “Adopt A Pet” from the list of choices. This will take you to the Adopt-A-Pet section, where you may browse among the many dog and cat breeds that are currently available. If required, you can also specify criteria by age or gender and then click ‘Apply Filters‘ to refine your search. Once you’ve discovered your ideal breed, click ‘Adopt Now‘ and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the adoption procedure.

Once you’ve adopted and brought home your pet, you’ll need to teach it correctly so that it acts appropriately and makes good use of its relationships with other Sims in your family. Pets are trained by issuing orders from in-game menus or by speaking directly to them when they are playing on the ground nearby. Pets may become faithful friends of your Sims or even bring them unique things as prizes when chores are successfully accomplished, depending on how well trained they are. Finally, ensure that their needs are handled on a regular basis so that they may remain happy and healthy while their stay in your home.

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