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Acast Expands its Podcast Offerings

Acast, a Europe based company is set to become the biggest podcasting company in the United States following its acquisition of RadioPublic, one of the leading podcast players and network. This move is a key part of Acast’s mission to become the premier global audio platform for podcasters and their listeners.

With this move, Acast can leverage the vast reach and experience of RadioPublic to offer more powerful monetization options as well as analytics and data insights for content creators. It will also establish itself as a market leader in the US with its influence continuing to grow beyond Europe.

This acquisition further cements Acast’s ambitions to build out its network across multiple countries, providing accessible audio content for people worldwide. With this much reach and power, they aim to make podcasting more accessible than ever while providing best-in-class monetization options for podcasters looking to grow their income.

Background of Acast

Acast is a Swedish podcasting company that has been around since 2014. It started with a small offering of podcasts but quickly grew to become one of the biggest podcast platforms in Europe. With its recent acquisition of RadioPublic, Acast is now the largest podcasting company in the United States. The acquisition gives Acast access to more podcast content and a large user base, furthering its mission to make podcasting more accessible.

Acast acquires RadioPublic to become the biggest podcasting company in the US

Acast, founded in Sweden in 2014, is now the biggest podcasting platform in the US after recently acquiring RadioPublic. Since its establishment, the company has made some acquisitions and has become a global leader in the audio streaming business.

Throughout Acast’s journey to becoming the biggest podcasting company in the US, they have continued to focus on both creators and listeners. For example, they created Acast Discover for listeners to discover thousands of podcasts and tools for content creators such as Acast Layout, which allows them to manage their entire catalogue from one platform. They also sought and won investments from notable groups like EQT Ventures and Focus Alpha Capital.

acast radiopublic radiopublic thevergeIn December 2020, Acast acquired RadioPublic which gave them access to tens of thousands of podcast shows in their library. In addition, this deal made Acast’s main platform available across five countries. Furthermore, it gave it access to RadioPublic’s innovative monetization tools such as affiliate programs, dynamic ad insertion technology and more.

Acast is now positioned as the biggest podcasting company in the US offering intelligent streaming solutions with an active listener base that is only poised to grow bigger over time. With its acquisition of RadioPublic they have expanded their services while still keeping true to their goal of creating an optimal experience for both podcasters and listeners.

The acquisition of RadioPublic

On March 19, 2020, Acast announced that it had acquired RadioPublic to become the biggest podcasting company in the United States. This acquisition is set to propel Acast’s mission of creating a fairer industry for creators and listeners.

RadioPublic has been anointed an App Store “Best of 2018” and helped develop technology that advances podcast production and distribution, with a specific focus on discovering new shows. On their original platform, RadioPublic provided unique curated experiences for casual and long-term weekly series listeners. With great ease of use, plus a business model that opens up potential revenue streams for creators, RadioPublic users could monetize their shows beyond solely relying on ads alone.

This addition allows Acast to expand upon its many offerings like dynamic ad insertion across any format including audio and video ads; episode sharing tools; listener insights; hosting services plus third-party integrations; A/B testing capabilities; audience measurement tools to provide publishers with better content insights — all managed within one panel. In addition, Acast will focus on developing open platforms and standards that can be leveraged by other companies looking to build products centred around the Discovery, distribution & monetization of podcasts at scale.

In summary, this acquisition permits Acast to expand its current portfolio into a stronger position for podcasting as we go ahead into 2020 — creating more opportunities for podcasters everywhere.

Impact of the Acquisition

Acast, the largest podcasting company here in the US, has acquired RadioPublic to become even bigger. This move creates major implications for the podcasting industry and expands Acast’s offerings of audio content. In this section, we’ll explore the impact of this acquisition and how it will affect the podcasting market.

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How RadioPublic will benefit Acast

Acast’s recent acquisition of RadioPublic, the Boston based podcasting platform, marks a significant milestone in the podcasting industry and an opportunity for Acast to expand their audience reach. Acast will become the biggest podcasting company in the US with the acquisition.

RadioPublic’s platform will offer many advantages to Acast; it has an extensive listener base that can help it expand in multiple dimensions. RadioPublic provides tools for podcasters to make money from their content and increase engagement with listeners. It also provides new data-driven analysis tools that enable podcasters to understand their audience better. RadioPublic allows podcasters to create richer content experiences and parse listener data more accurately through its technology. This may further enable Acast to promote specific content from a variety of creator networks — something other platforms may not do as effectively or efficiently as RadioPublic can.

RadioPublic also offers an impressive suite of consumer-based options including automatic downloads and personalised podcast recommendations, which could help differentiate Acast’s consumer proposition from competitors’. Further, this acquisition will provide greater convenience and ease-of-use when using its platform. All these factors could potentially mean more listeners and loyal followers with its sleek design and comprehensive personalization capabilities — sure to increase engagement on the platform. With this acquisition comes a promising future for one of America’s most established players in podcasting.

How the acquisition will benefit podcast creators

Since launching in 2016, Acast has continued to build their foothold in the U.S. podcasting landscape by producing innovative technology and acquiring leading podcast companies including Pippa, ART19 and RadioPublic. This acquisition is expected to benefit both Podcast creators and audiences alike through its greater reach, further distinction of audio genres, access to additional data and insights, strong network effects and continued commitment to innovation by Acast.

The acquisition of RadioPublic will greatly expand the catalogue of podcasts available for Acast users. In addition, it will provide an enhanced platform for creators to monetize their work more effectively with improved marketing capabilities and a diverse range of genres from which listeners can choose. This increased pool of resources offers an array of choices for producers and consumers alike, allowing content makers more control over their production process when adding instant messages or tracking metrics like audience engagement with industry-leading analytics tools.

swedenbased acast radiopublic radiopublic uscarman theverge

Combining RadioPublic’s expertise in growing digital first audio networks with Acast’s advancements in dynamic ad insertion technology means that podcasters can better monetize content — an immense profit centre — while empowering listening audiences through real-time accessibility features such as geo-targeted radio campaigns or personalised audio experiences tailored specifically to each user’s preferences.

The acquisition will also mean that producers can now access additional data sources they would not have had access to before. Having this knowledge at hand could give them a competitive edge when it comes understanding what new topics are popular with audiences or unlocking unexplored podcasts genres that align with consumer trends coining additional profits opportunities for producers across the United States An important factor is the support network provided by the SignalWise podcast analytics platform which identifies key insights about advertising performance for podcasters running on Acast’s platform — allowing them greater insight into customer behaviours and preferences which makes optimising content performance much easier than ever before when using traditional advertising techniques It could also present producers with alternative strategies when it comes time for them to monetize their podcasts – giving them an advantage over other platforms on the market today who are partaking in similar practices without owning this type of advanced technology.


By acquiring RadioPublic, Acast can offer podcasts that it doesn’t already have in its lineup and thus expand both its reach and offerings. In addition, Acast will have access to a larger pool of creators and content by becoming the biggest podcasting company in the United States. While this is likely to help increase their revenue, it could also benefit the larger podcasting community by providing more varied content from a wider range of creators.

It remains to be seen what effect this acquisition has on the US podcast industry. Still, it is clear that Acast is bullish on the channel’s future and sees value in diversifying its portfolio. Moreover, we believe that greater variety and competition are likely to benefit both existing and new users of podcasting platforms, as well as those who produce audio content for them.

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