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Six Most Popular Video Game Genres You Should Know About

The video game industry has grown, and many titles go around. Some even have franchises, depending on where you want to get started. In that case, you have an endless list of video games that you can play, whether on PCs, mobile, or consoles. You just have to choose the one that works for you, and you’re good.

You can choose from different genres. If you’re an NFL fan, you can play NFL-based videogames as you bet on various Vegas NFL odds. Aside from that, you can try other options to ensure that you have enough range and give yourself the chance to diversify. In that case, we’ve highlighted six videogames genres that you can try.


One of the most popular genres available is sports. It has a massive collection of titles you can pick from, and it is not only suited to sports fans. Playing a sports-based video game will give you some insights if you’re a casual watcher or want to grow interested in sports. For instance, you can even learn about players as you plan to bet on NFL odds.

Almost every popular sport has a video game based on it. Therefore, finding the one that works for you should be easy. You can easily pick out the one you want and start playing the game. You don’t need to be a pro before getting started. Also, it will help you get real-life insights, like if you plan to learn about NFL lines.

Real-Time Strategy

Another popular genre is a real-time strategy game, where you work to build a solid strategy for different things. With this genre, you would have to start from scratch, and it feels like you’re just getting started with life; you can keep growing in the game, and in no time, you’ll become a top player.

There are different types available. It can be based on wars, creating civilizations, and many more. You just have to find one that fits your interest. In that case, you should consider playing the games that don’t require you to start learning from scratch. This means that you are already interested in the game’s main idea.

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Role-Playing Games

You can also try role-playing games. Are you a fan of Dungeons and Dragons?” to read as, “Are you a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, with spells such as Healing Word 5e? In that case, you should check it out if you already play DnD. You just need to understand the game before you begin.

There are many role-playing games that you can give a try. However, you should know that they can be heavy on smaller devices. Therefore, you should consider playing on a better gaming device. For instance, you can try it on consoles or gaming PCs. Other than that, you can find many titles in this genre.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

If you love role-playing games, you should also try this one out. It will give you more as you can play with others online. You can form teams where you will battle with others, and you’ll gain experience points whenever you win. Therefore, you can improve your players and get more as you continue your journey.

MOBA games can include simulation options, shooters, and others. It is all about getting a suitable match to play with a team. With MOBA games, you’re given a chance to try your strategy-building skills, and you need to know how to work with a team to ensure that you take the proper steps as you start playing.

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Simulation Games

You can also play simulation games. In this case, you’re trying to put yourself inside a game where you’ll be doing different activities. You might be going on a mission to rescue someone in distress. Or, you might be trying to take out a target. Simulation games can also span into car racing games where you are at an actual wheel controlling a virtual car.

In this genre, the list is endless, and you can find one that works for you. Once you do that, you can enter into the simulation, and it will be like you’re the one inside the game, especially when you’re playing the VR version of the game. You just have to take the time to go through them before you decide.


You can also try out shooter games if you enjoy shooting things. A good example is the different war games, where you’re one of the soldiers on a mission. Here, you might be going behind enemy lines, and you’re to complete a task where you will be taking heavy fire. So, you have to fight your way through with your designated weapon.

Also, you can shoot dangerous creatures like zombies, mythical creatures, monsters, and so on. In that case, you aim to survive and kill as many as possible. They can come in waves, and you might be going on different campaigns. The options are endless when you decide to play shooter games.

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