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Difference Between Console and PC Gaming

More gamers are playing on PC compared to any console because we use a computer for many different purposes, so we consider it a more valuable option. But, when it comes to expenses, having a console can be cheaper if you know when to buy or install games.

Having a PC is much more convenient, even if you can connect to the internet on some consoles. But you won’t be able to do daily tasks or make some online casino real money, but if it comes to gaming only, there are a few key differences you should consider.

Consoles Are Cheaper

Most of the consoles will cost from $400 up to $1000, and an average gaming PC is around $2000. But, there are other expenses you need to cover when getting a PC, like buying a monitor, headphones, mouse, gaming chair, and extras. Besides investing in a computer, the monitor is a big investment because great resolution and speed can cost around $400.

This doesn’t mean that you have to invest $3000 into a gaming setup because it depends on the games you will play. For example, if you only play games like League of Legends, you can do it on a PC worth $500.

On the other hand, besides buying the console, you will need to get games for it. If you don’t wait for discounts or free-to-play days, you will need to pay from a few bucks up to $60 per game. There are people that invested a couple of thousand only for games, so everything depends on your preferences.

Gaming Experience

There are many fun games to play on a console with your friends, but when it comes to competitive play, PC games dominate. The whole eSports community is mostly based on PC games, and most of them are not available on consoles.

The console eSports community exists, and it’s huge, but it can’t be compared to PC eSports. Some of the games just can’t be played on a PS5 like League of Legends or Dota 2, but FPS games like Call of Duty have a lot of players on PS.

Graphics for PS5 games are better compared to most PC games which is a big advantage, but you will usually connect a TV to it, which has a slower response rate compared to a monitor. This may have an effect on your competitive play.

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Gaming Skill

For a person who rarely plays PS5 or Xbox, it’s very odd to see someone play Call of Duty like a pro PC player. Of course, playing FPS games without a keyboard and a mouse is unthinkable for many people, but still, there are some amazing players.

This means that everything depends on how much time you invest on a console or PC, so it can be hard to compare these two. But, the statistics say that computer gamers have greater skill when they play against console players.

If you work on your joystick skill for a few months in a single game, you will probably be better than the majority of the players. This can’t be said for those who use a keyboard and a mouse. The competition is greater, and it requires a lot of dedication to become a top-tier gamer.


Couch Party

There’s something that PC gamers can’t do together, and that’s having a couch party. A couch party is when you have up to 4 friends playing on the same console. You might be able to play some games for two on a PC, but the experience is awful compared to the couch party.

There are hundreds of games specifically made for this occasion, and they are usually pretty fun to play. Some of them include going against each other, and in some, you will have to work together to pass a level.

This might be the biggest advantage PS5 has over computer games, but that’s not what most gamers are looking for, which is why there are still more PC players.

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