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Computer security is paramount, especially if you store sensitive business or personal information on your device. The majority of data theft happens because of improper safeguard measures. One of the easiest methods to prevent data theft is to lock your computer whenever you are away. This will prevent unauthorized access to your files and folders.

If you are a Windows user, press Control + Alt + Delete and click Lock on the menu. You can also enable auto lock via screen saver by going to the Control Panel > clicking Appearance & Personalization > clicking Change Screen Saver > checking the box for On Resume, Display Logon Screen. You can set a timer for how long your device should wait before starting the screen saver. When you return to your system and exit the screen saver, you must enter the system password to get back in.

Mac users can use a Mac lock screen shortcut to lock the screen. You must press Control + Shift + Power to send your screen to sleep. You can also press Control + ⌘ + Q to lock your Mac screen. To get back in, you need to enter your password.

So, now you know how to lock your computer screen, but if you are still not convinced if you should, here are some plausible reasons to convince you.

To keep your privacy intact

Your computer may store different types of files and folders. Also, what you choose to watch, stream online, or download is not anybody else’s business. Therefore, locking your computer whenever you are away prevents unauthorized access to your system. This way, you can prevent people from snooping around and going through your files and folders. It is imperative to lock your work computer because you don’t want anybody going through your email interactions with your clients or rummaging through your work files. If anything is deleted or stolen from your computer, you can be in big trouble with your employers.

Even if your computer is for personal use, it makes sense to lock your computer whenever you are away. You don’t want your parents, roommate, or friends to go through your personal files on your device.

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Locking the computer can prevent unwanted inconveniences

If you are not using your computer for a long time, your monitor might go off or become dim to save power. But this doesn’t mean your system is off. If you do not lock your computer, there are chances that anybody can access your computer and delete important files and messages. Also, if you have any project or file opened, pressing random buttons on the keyboard might trigger an action like executing a command or submitting a form. So, you may have to redo the work again if any of the commands impact your open files, docs, or presentations.

When your computer is locked, nobody can access your files, and you can come back and resume your work without any inconvenience.

Confidential communications need protection

You might have confidential, sensitive information and files on your computer that are solely meant for your eyes. It is particularly critical if you are working for an organization and one of your responsibilities is to safeguard the private information of your clients and customers. If your computer is not locked and anybody else gets their hands on such information, your job might be on the line. Also, people might start to ask questions regarding the credibility of your company if such information gets leaked.

Additionally, official communication with clients or customers might be subject to non-disclosure. Therefore, you must lock your computer while you are away, so you don’t accidentally give out any information.

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Lock your computer to keep your data intact

If you lock your computer, you can prevent such mishaps and incidents. If you do not lock your computer, you leave your documents and files vulnerable, which anyone can access. Whether they’re your public, confidential or personal files, you would not want any unauthorized person to access them. They can alter the data and gain access to your computer. They can even remove the data from your computer or share them with third parties.

Similarly, it would be best if you also locked your phone. Your phones and computers must always be password protected so that nobody can access them. Your files, documents, pictures, text messages, and email conversations are only for your eyes. You would not want anybody going through them and using them against you. Therefore, protect yourself by locking your devices. Maintaining your privacy and safety is the top reason to keep your devices locked when you are away so that nobody can steal or modify your data.

So, now you know the reasons why you must never leave your computer unlocked when you are away. Remember to keep this in mind.