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Delving into the world of WordPress plugins, there’s one that stands out for its unique feature – automatically fetching the first image from your article as the avatar. This is a game-changer for those who find the task of uploading and selecting thumbnails a bit daunting. The best part? It’s absolutely free.

FIFU doesn’t just automate the thumbnail selection process, it also significantly reduces the load on your host server. No need to upload images to your server – this clever plugin can use an image from an external link as your featured image. So, let’s dive deeper and explore how this tool can enhance your WordPress experience.

Kiemlua.Com Tự Động Lấy Ảnh Đầu Tiên Trong Bài Viết Làm Thumbnail Cho WordPress tự động lấy ảnh đầu tiên trong bài viết làm thumbnail cho wordpressA cutting-edge WordPress plugin, automatically identifies the initial image in a written document and utilizes this asset as a thumbnail. This plugin benefits writers who wish to bypass the thumbnail upload and search process. Furthermore, this tool is accessible and entirely free for user exploitation.

Installing this plugin involves an uncomplicated process: simply navigate to the Plugin section of the website, select New Install, and search for Featured Image from URL. From here, the user can effortlessly install and engage the FIFU plugin. tự động lấy ảnh đầu tiên trong bài viết làm thumbnail cho wordpressFollowing successful plugin installation, head to the plugin’s settings. It’s vital for users to make sure the Automatic option is selected, and the ‘use the found image/video as featured image/video’ checkbox is activated. This feature automatically selects the inaugural image from a document (including external link images) as the thumbnail, eliminating the need for server host uploads. This function significantly reduces server load.

How to Download the WordPress Plugin tự động lấy ảnh đầu tiên trong bài viết làm thumbnail cho wordpressDownloading the WordPress plugin, ‘Featured Image from URL’ (FIFU), a product of, involves a few precise steps. It’s the ideal solution for bloggers who require a plugin that automatically selects the first image in an article as the WordPress thumbnail. Here’s how one can get this beneficial tool:

  1. Navigate to the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Choose the ‘Plugin’ option, locate the ‘New Install’ button, and click on it.
  3. In the search field, type ‘Featured Image from URL.’
  4. Users find the FIFU plugin within the search results, select it, and install the tool.
  5. After the plugin installation completes, it’s crucial to activate FIFU. tự động lấy ảnh đầu tiên trong bài viết làm thumbnail cho wordpressThe optimization process for the ‘Featured Image from URL’ plugin becomes extremely efficient, utilizing automation to handle thumbnail selection. Initial setup includes basic parameters like turning on automation and enabling the use of discovered image/video as the featured image/video.

To begin, one navigates to ‘Settings’ in the WordPress dashboard. Here, the ‘Automatic’ option falls into focus, which, when selected, activates the automation feature. This salient step initiates the plugin’s function of considering the first image in the post as the featured image.

Meanwhile, a user isn’t restricted to this automated functionality alone. The plugin accommodates user control, permitting the selection of a specific image to serve as the featured thumbnail. Users simply input the desired image URL into the ‘Featured Image from URL’ field and voila, user choice reigns.

Free vs Pro Feature tự động lấy ảnh đầu tiên trong bài viết làm thumbnail cho wordpressThe ‘Featured Image from URL’ (FIFU) plugin provides a variety of features in its free version. Designed for the WordPress writer who needs fast, efficient posting without the hassle of manual thumbnail selection, FIFU generously offers auto-selection of the first image in a post as a thumbnail — even for external image links. Through the settings panel, users enable their preferred level of automatic thumbnail selection. For those who want specific control, manual image URL selection augments the plugin’s automation capacity.

However, FIFU doesn’t limit itself to its rich free offerings. The pro version of the plugin amplifies user experience further, shaping the plugin into a more robust tool. Enhanced server performance accompanies the benefits of the free version. By employing external images, FIFU pro reduces server load dramatically, a key advantage for heavier website traffic.

Is It Reliable? tự động lấy ảnh đầu tiên trong bài viết làm thumbnail cho wordpressThe reliability of the “Featured Image from URL” (FIFU) plugin, courtesy of tự động lấy ảnh đầu tiên trong bài viết làm thumbnail cho wordpress, often sparks curiosity. It’s an integral aspect users scrutinize before investing time and resources in it.

Numerous users have reported the plugin’s reliability, specifically in its automation feature that selects the first image in the post as a thumbnail. Bypassing the need to manually search and upload a separate image offers significant time savings.

The plugin’s ability to source external images increases its reliability. It lightens server load by not storing every image, a positive aspect for site maintenance. Additionally, should the original image source disappear or relocate, the plugin’s configuration opts for a different image, maintaining site aesthetics and user experience.

From automated image selection to external image sourcing, and from compatibility to enhanced Pro features, the tự động lấy ảnh đầu tiên trong bài viết làm thumbnail cho wordpress FIFU plugin has established itself as a reliable tool for optimizing WordPress sites.

Last Take on Plugin for WordPress

The ‘Featured Image from URL’ (FIFU) plugin by has proven to be a game-changer in WordPress thumbnail management. It’s not just a tool for automating thumbnail selection, but also an efficient way to maintain site aesthetics and reduce server load. Its compatibility with multiple WordPress versions under various server conditions makes it a reliable choice. The Pro version takes it a notch higher, offering users enhanced control and performance.