How High Does Benthic Gear Go?

Benthic gear is a category of marine gears that are designed for working in the deep water. There are different types as well, including dredging and bottom trawling nets. How high does benthic gear go?

How do you get benthic gear in Shadowlands?

In order to get benthic gear, you must go to the Shadowlands and talk to the NPC in the center of the map. They will give you a quest which will lead you to a cave where you can find some benthic gear.

How do you get renown fast in Shadowlands?

There are a few ways to get renown fast in Shadowlands. One way is to complete the story and then do the Rise of the Dead mission, which will give you around 1,000 renown. Another way is to do the The Darkest Night mission, which will also give you around 1,000 renown. The final way is to do the The Darkest Night mission again and again until it gives you more than 1,000 renown.

How long is usurper undersea?

Undersea is a short story by Stephen King. It is about a man who goes to visit his friends family and ends up in the middle of an underwater war between two alien species. The story is only around 100 pages long.

How do you get max renown?

To get max renown, you need to do the following:
-Play 10 songs in a row without dying.
-Win 5 consecutive matches.
-Complete 3 songs on Expert difficulty.

How do I upgrade my Korthia gear to 226?

You can upgrade your Korthia gear to the 226 by following these steps.

1. Go to your inventory and click on the Korthia gear you want to upgrade.
2. Click on Upgrade in the bottom left corner of the screen.
3. Select 226 from the drop-down menu and then select Confirm.

What can you get from Korthian armaments?

Korthian armaments are weapons and armor made by the Korthians. They are typically used by the military, but can also be found in some homes. Weapons include swords, daggers, spears, axes, bows and arrows. Armor includes helmets, shields, breastplates, gauntlets and greaves.

How do you get the idle Slayer cape?

The idle Slayer cape can be obtained by killing a slayer master. If you are not able to kill one, you can buy it from the slayer master for 1 million coins.

Is Heart of Azeroth useless in Shadowlands?

Heart of Azeroth is a very powerful card in Shadowlands. It can be used to gain additional mana, which you will need if you want to play cards like Soul Ransom and Dark Bargain.

Is Heart of Azeroth still good in Shadowlands?

Heart of Azeroth is still good in Shadowlands. It has a chance to drop from the final boss, and it can be used as a currency for purchasing items from vendors.

How do I open the Nazjatar Alt?

To open the Nazjatar Alt, you must first complete the main questline. Once you have completed this, you will be given a key that can open the door to the Nazjatar Alt.

How do you fly in Shadowlands?

You need to find a way to fly in the game. The easiest way is to use your hands and arms as wings, but you can also use a jetpack or even jump off of tall buildings.

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